JBN Global Solutions, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Life Coaching and Hypnosis Services

Founder of JBN Global Solutions, LLC, Julie Dubuc, is excited to announce the launch of her new website venture, EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com; the website offers services for those who want to implement change in their lives with the help of hypnosis or life coaching. For more information, visit the website's blog at SolutionsForLifeBlog.com.


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Julie Dubuc is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com. The website offers life coaching and hypnosis services to help people make positive changes in their lives and to realize their full potential. Dubuc is a certified HypnoCoachâ„¢ who is able to pair hypnosis and coaching to help people wishing to overcome challenges in their lives. She is also working on a MBA in Change Management which she will complete in December of this year and studies with the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafeal, California. She started her website as a place for clients to connect with her and focus on the changes that they would like to make in their lives.

The website offers a lot of great information to help clients get started with making a change in their life. EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com outlines the different services that Dubuc can provide to help people make the changes that they would like to see in their lives. She is especially focused on helping individuals who are going through life changes such as changes in careers, divorce, or an empty nest as grown up children move out or go to college. She also welcomes business clients and entrepreneurs who might benefit from coaching services. The website offers career coaching, smoking cessation hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis, business coaching, and much more. Potential clients are able to get help over the phone, Skype, or customized audio so they don't even have to be located close to wear Dubuc lives.

People who want to make positive changes in their life, but have met with challenges when they have tried other methods for change will love the coaching that can be provided by Dubuc. Unlike other possible treatments, coaching and hypnosis helps people rewire their brain without dangerous side effects or damage to the body. EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com offers services that will help customers work on achieving their dreams, goals, and aspirations without the same struggles that they may have faced in the past.

To complement the main website, Dubuc will also be launching a blog located at http://www.SolutionsForLifeBlog.com

The blog will cover topics related to life coaching and hypnotism. Dubuc will be writing about coaching, how this method can help a person, neuroscience, the reprogramming of the mind, how to make positive life changes, reviews of books related to neuroscience or change, and much more. The purpose of the blog is to provide additional information for people who are looking to make changes in their lives and want to understand the science behind change.

About EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com
EmbarkSolutionsForLife.com, a division of JBN Global Solutions, LLC, is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur and certified HypnoCoachâ„¢, Julie Dubuc.

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