Jeff M. Richfield

Jeff Richfield: Showing Entrepreneurs How Rolling the Dice Can Save Careers With His Unique Business Model

Local Nashville resident Jeff Richfield is creating his own Legendary status with the rollout of his business model that is saving careers and helping individuals stabilize long term financial security with a concept that is redefining Home Based Entrepreneur standards.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2009 -- The City of Nashville is famous in sports history for the "Music City Miracle" in an NFL playoff game in 2000 in which the local Titans scored on a last second kickoff trick play that resulted in a 75 yard winning touchdown vs the Buffalo Bills. And in the year 2009 a local resident is creating his own Legendary status with the rollout of his business model that is saving careers and helping individuals stabilize long term financial security with a concept that is redefining Home Based Entrepreneur standards. "It took guts to call that play," said 45 year old Jeff Richfield, "and the one factor I remember is that the Titans had nothing to lose and everything to gain and that is a reflection of what I have unfolding with my Business Model that is generating great feedback and profound financial security from all over the world."

Jeff Richfield's business background is a Certified Debt & Mortgage Planning Specialist whose career changed dramatically with the credit market meltdown in late 2008. "I went from an annual income in the range of $150,000 to literally down to my last $400," said Richfield, "and the saying that the biggest challenges in life sometimes offer the greatest opportunities for change is exactly what has unfolded for myself and my wonderful family. The industry that had created a lucrative lifestyle was gone and I needed an answer ...and that answer came via an Online Informational Story that outlined the growth the Personal Development Industry was experiencing on a world wide scale. I did my research and and when I found that nearly $700 million worth of Self-Improvement books were sold in the year 2005 I became very intrigued of shifting immediately my talents into a full time home based marketing concept that offers a fresh start to folks from all walks of life."

Richfield's business model ( ) offers a 3 step concept that combines Life Changing Information, World Class Mentoring and Inspirational Guidance from Internationally Recognized Speakers. "Accomplishing goals in life starts with a solid base to build your dreams upon, "said Richfield, "and people like Eddie George and Tiger Woods are perfect examples of being taught fundamentals in the early stages with more advanced knowledge from some of the greatest teachers in the world to create an individual focused entirely on History Making Accomplishments. The same steps apply to what I market on a daily basis:

1) A 90 Day Introduction Home Study Course packaged with One DVD, 3 CD's, a workbook and a journal. "Old habits die slowly .... and those worth eliminating totally require patience and re-training of thought patterns and that is the driving force behind this concept .." In this business I teach people that in order for them to achieve lasting success they need to learn to become a channel for others successes."

2) A 3 Day Conference Gathering with Fellow Entrepreneurs. "There is no letter I in the word TEAM and this interactive conference that includes notable speakers such as Andy Andrews and Michael Losier is a great bonding situation as entreprenuers from all over the world gather to meet and exchange stories and ideas and learn quickly that their individual challenges are not unique .."

3) A 5 Day Conference in Exotic Locations such as Hawaii and Australia. "This is like Graduation Week as Legendary Inspirational Figures such as Bob Proctor interface and gives answers to topics ranging from Personal Relationships to Individual and Family Finance Strategies .... Team Members at this stage truly are in elite class with Knowledge that is destined to help everyone achieve goals in all areas of their lives that were once considered nothing but dreams ..."

Richfield is marketing his home based business model on a worldwide basis through an easy to use marketing strategy and is seeking people who can act as a guide to drive others into a well proven and successful system. Jeff is very enthused to talk with all serious minded Entrepreneurs. "I have a great mentor that is part of my team who is a best selling author and internationally recognized motivational coach," said Richfield, "as I learned early in my business career the advantages of surrounding yourself with talent and learning what makes them successful cant help but rub off on you. I now get to spend the quality time with my family that I was not able to do in my previous career and offer a very easy to duplicate business model in an industry destined for double digit growth the next few years with a compensation plan that far exceeds my previous earnings by offering up to $8000 in commissions paid directly to Entrepreneurs. I decided to make a needed change in my life for my family's sake and I am delighted to say they have found the real Jeff again ..... if that time for needed change has arrived in your life than call me ASAP and with 10 minutes you will understand why this program is redefining standards for Entrepreneurs."

Mr.Richfield can be reached directly in his Nashville office @ 615-405-9454 (mobile) / 615-296-4228 (fax)