Jeffrey Michael Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Complete the Development of QualWire Wi-Fi App with Signal Seeker

QualWire ‘s patent pending signal seeker technology makes Smartphones smarter with automatic call switching from cell tower to Wi-Fi. Jeffrey Michael has just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $20,000 for this project.


Reno, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2016 --QualWire has recently developed a patent pending signal seeker technology that will allow any Smartphone user to seamlessly switch their phone call from a cellular network to any available Wi-Fi connection. Most importantly, there is no loss of talk time during the transfer of the call.

The QualWire app will be available soon on all iPhones and Android phones. This app will handle the entire the call switching process. When the user is within the cell phone network, QualWire taps into the cellular carrier's service. Once within the range of Wi-Fi, QualWire switches the call over to Wi-Fi, increasing the call quality and saving you precious cell phone minutes.

Key features of QualWire
- Signal Seeker Technology automatically transfers all cell phone calls from Cell Tower to any available Wi-Fi outlet without dropping a call in progress.
- Call Management Screen allows users to track their Wi-Fi minutes versus Cell Tower minutes.
- Initialize new calls by direct dialling into any available Wi-Fi Outlet.
- No large application downloads or application start-up.

QualWire has already perfected the technology. Now, they are looking to perfect the app for download from Apple's AppStore and the Google Play store. They need $25,000 to complete the development of the app for both iPhones and Android phones. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to raise this fund.

All backers of this project will get exclusive access as a charter subscriber to monthly plans at delightfully low prices. The backers will also get preferential consideration if the company solicits equity partners.

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About QualWire
QualWire is the developer of a patent pending signal seeker technology that makes Smartphones smarter with automatic call switching from cell tower to Wi-Fi. The company requires a funding of $20,000 to complete this project.