Jeffrey Ulatan Planning to Merge Inherited Manila Based Equity Group Into His Family's Holdings

Ulatan Holdings, Inc President Jeffrey Ulatan is planning on merging P24.08 Billion Philippine pesos Manila Based Private Equity Group into his holdings portfolio.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2020 --(New York, New York) – Ulatan Holdings, President-CEO Jeffrey Ulatan is planning on merging Manila Based Vista Villas & Suntrust Properties (VSP Group) into Ulatan Holdings, Inc. The move would represent a new era for the 28 year old family fund leader, who founded UGI in 2013 and later inherited P24.08 Billion Philippine pesos Manila based Private Equity Firm (VSP Group) in a 2019 undisclosed family succession acquisition inheritance.

Sources say Jeffrey Ulatan was looking to concentrate on learning to manage the family's real estate property portfolio with guidance from numerous undisclosed mentors.

Jeffrey Ulatan the 28 year old Manila born native made a name for himself in Wall Street with his non-traditional trading strategies in the ETF and ITM (In the Money) Options market. The 28 year old fund manager has made bold calls over the last 3 years. Ulatan has managed about $300 million in Family Holdings assets according to recent estimates. It is also rumored that Mr. Ulatan is being actively mentored by large names in the Financial Industry.