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Jei Learning Center Launches After School Programs and Tutoring Services to Students Pre-K Through 9th Grade

JEI offers after school programs and tutoring services to students Pre-K through 9th grades.


Livingston, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2016 --Established in 1977, JEI offers a variety of academic enrichment and tutoring programs for children from Pre-K through the ninth grade. The key subjects that they offer are English, Reading & Writing, Math, Problem Solving Math, and Critical Thinking. Whether your child has trouble with one or more subjects, you will find out exactly what the missing links are and prescribe an individualized study program based on your child's needs. What's more, with the self-paced, step-by-step approach of our programs, the children quickly find learning to be easy and fun, and gain confidence that they can make it, even with the subjects that used to frighten them.
The curriculum is fully aligned with the Common Core Standards, so you can rest assured that your child will be learning exactly what he or she needs for school. On top of it, Problem Solving Math and Critical Thinking will not only make your children excel in school, but also strengthen their logical and analytical skills, enhance their creativity and memory proficiency, and even prepare them for competition.

JEI Livingston helps students succeed and teaching them how to enjoy learning, and it all starts with an in-house diagnostic test that shows each child's learning patterns. JEI then personalizes its curriculum around the needs of each individual child. At JEI, courses are designed not to overwhelm students by making them progress at a certain speed. Students are able to work on a skill until they understand the concept and then they progress to the next objective of the course.

JEI Livingston have received rave reviews in each of their programs from parents who were looking to either improve their children's skills in math and reading or use the courses as an enrichment resource to help keep skills up throughout the summer or year-round.

The JEI Learning Center in Livingston will offer tutoring as well as courses designed for groups. The educators at JEI are energetic and ready to help students with their short-term course goals, but they also strive to instill the love of learning to enable students to take the learned skills and apply them over time.

Parents of students in grades Pre~K-9th in Livingston, New Jersey, will find JEI Learning Center a great resource for tutoring and enrichment opportunities to help their children succeed and become lifelong lovers of learning.

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About JEI Learning Centers
JEI Learning Centers were created to offer parents a new outlet for helping their children grow and learn at a pace suitable for each individual child while fostering a love for learning.

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