Hand in Hand Bracelets, the Symbol of Peace, from Bullets4Peace

Bullets4Peace Including a Wide Range of Handmade Designer Fashion Pendants and stylish Dog Tags, release Bullet4Peace Hand In Hand Bracelets.


Enniscrone, Co. Sligo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2012 --+Bullets4Peace products including a wide range of handmade designer bullet pendants are now proud to announce the release of their Bullet4Peace Hand In Hand Bracelet Collection. The stunning bracelet is a unique piece of jewellery with a contemporary look that accentuates the wrist. The stainless steel piece consists of two linked hands and has a skilfully crafted woven look.

Their Bracelets are one of the hottest selling jewellery item sold and is luring celebrities and the elite alike. A rated Celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé, Matt Damon, Sofia Milos (CSI Miami), Bruno Mars and Gloria Estefan, are supporting Bullets4Peace by wearing their jewellery. SkyBlu from LMFAO can be seen wearing his Microphone pendant from Bullets4Peace in their music video “Party Rock Anthem” (Every day I’m shufflin’)..

Bullets4Peace creates jewellery that is completely unique in design and quality. "We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials, Swarovski Crystals and embellishments to create designs that are not only beautiful but also completely unique to the accessories world." Bullets4Peace Hand In Hand bracelet delivers fine design combined with an element of comfort and functionality. Embellished with a surface of sleek stainless steel design, the Bullet4Peace bracelet epitomizes the essence of fashion and striking craftsmanship that is ideal for casual and business attire alike.

Available in two different styles, black and silver and in five sizes Petit 6.75" 17.14cm, Small 7.25" 18.42cm, Medium 7.50" 19.05cm, Large 7.75" 19.69cm and X-Large 8.00" 20.32cm. Every piece has the signature Bullets4Peace logo to guarantee quality, originality and standard of workmanship. All Jewellery items are handcrafted in house by the highly skilled Bullets4Peace design team.

A friendship bracelet is a bracelet given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship. Like friendship bracelets the Hand In Hand Bracelet is also handmade. Have your jeweller inscribe your bracelet with personal details, your partners or friends name. Friendship bracelets first became popular in the United States during the 1970s, now popular throughout the world, and are commonly worn by both male and female.

"Hand In Hand" is more than just a friendship bracelet, symbolising readiness to support others "Lend a Hand to a Friend".

Some people have also used these bracelets to highlight health problems, such as heart problems, epilepsy or allergic to penicillin. This stainless steel "Hand In Hand" bracelet makes the perfect personalised gift for that special person in your life! Great for Father's Day, Birthdays, Valentine's or Christmas!

Bullets4Peace products are beautifully made and very high quality.

About Bullets4Peace

Three elements make their jewellery unique:
- Real Bullet casings, taken from warzones, streets and reload centres around the world. Bullets4Peace jewellery intercepts the vicious cycle by transforming the casings into unique and stylish fashion jewellery pendants insuring that these bullets will never find their way back to war zones.
- Top Celebrities like Madonna, Melanie C, Peter Andre, Bruno Mars, Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake the list goes on and on… All supporting the cause and promote Bullets4Peace.
- Charities, not only by wearing the pendant are you promoting the strong message, but Bullets4Peace also donates a portion of the sales towards several charities. Oxfam, Irish Autism Action and The Good Hope Centre are just a couple of the many charities supported by Bullets4Peace.

Bullets are generally symbols of chaos and destruction, but designer Rafi Anteby transforms war bullets into beautiful and unique designer handmade jewellery as a way of spreading consciousness of peace. Bullets4Peace is made from recycled bullet casings taken from reload centres, streets and war zones. When a bullet is fired the tip flies towards the target and the casing falls to the ground. Manufacturers reload these casings with live ammunition but Bullets4Peace intercepts this vicious cycle by transforming the casings into unique and stylish fashion jewellery pendants and insuring that these bullets will never find their way back to war zones, thus promoting harmony and peace. Each handmade necklace recycles a real bullet casing decorated with pewter and silver casts. Some of the jewellery pieces include Swarovski crystal elements or even LED lights. Peace signs, dolphins, microphones and crosses are among the nearly 100 different pendants styles available.

Bullets4Peace are currently looking for vendors and sales representative to join the Bullets4Peace family. If you are interested in learning more about the program and the work they do please contact them today.

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