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Jiangxiaobai to Showcase Its Innovative Baijius at HKIWSF 2019

JIANGXIAOBAI is excited to announce, that it will participate in the HKIWSF 2019 (Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2019). The fair will be held from November 7th to 9th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. There, the Chinese producer of light-aroma baijiu will showcase its innovative baijius (Booth: Hall 3E A14 & A16).


Chongqing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2019 --Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair is Asia's most prestigious wine and spirit competition. It serves as not only an essential networking platform to connect exhibitors and buyers in the alcohol industry, but also a one-stop hub to diffuse new ideas, promote fancy designs and present excellent craft.

The three-day show expects more than 1000 international exhibitors to introduce their latest products at the conference grounds. Global visitors get a chance to learn more about the manufacturing process of various wines and spirits, and appreciate the liquors of world-wide brands or passionate family businesses.

Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition (HKIWSC) 2019 award ceremony will be take place on 7th with the HKIWSF, according to the pre-announcement, Jiangxiaobai won 20 medals this year, including a Trophy of Best Chinese Spirit.

The Brand
In China, Jiangxiaobai is well known for its efforts to rejuvenate the image of traditional baijiu. Innovative approaches to reach a younger consumer segment have paid off in the domestic market. The brand's flagship product is a small bottle that can be customized in its print packaging. Consumers can directly participate in the product design, by sending in cool quotes that will be featured on the bottle. Jiangxiaobai also hosts some of the most popular events for street dancers (Just Battle), hip hop musicians (YOLO) or graffiti artists (Joy In Bottle).

The successful brand story in mainland China gives high hopes for Hong Kong. Moreover, the multicultural atmosphere and young people's open-mindedness of the city prompt a great opportunity for Jiangxiaobai. The market of Hong Kong could help the young brand to expand the reach of Chinese baijiu to a greater extent.

At present, Jiangxiaobai products (PURE, Express Bottle, Hand-Craft Black Label, Intimate Friend) are available in over 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and Africa. Looking at the market development of Chinese baijiu in Hong Kong, Jiangxiaobai gears up to become a leading international brand and open new grounds in the alcohol business.

One of Jiangxiaobai's advantages over conventional baijius is the light, agreeable aroma. Jiangxiaobai gaoliang spirits can be mixed with other classic spirits, including whiskey, brandy and vodka. This makes the products a good addition to any bar, helping with getting better exposure. By participating in events like the HKIWSF 2019, Jiangxiaobai hopes to attract the interest of international consumers, eventually spreading the unique flavor of Chinese baijiu.

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