Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jinbo Participates in the 2021 Asia Amusement and Attraction Export

Jinbo New Products Exhibition


Zhongshan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2021 --World Culture and Tourism is significant in China. The Asia amusement and industry delivers the best show to attendees. Moreover, it brings together a wide range of exhibitors and buyers. As a result, it provides a communication platform for sellers and buyers of the attraction and theme park industry.

Jinbo attend 2021 Asia Amusement and attraction Export Booth 6M121

Jinbo took part in the 2021 Asia Amusement export to present their latest trends and products. The exhibition scope involved an Amusement ride exhibition, entertainment equipment show, and game machine show.

Who is Jinbo Ride?
Jinbo Ride is a professional manufacturer of amusement equipment. It is situated in a distribution centre of amusement machine- Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. The company offers:

1.Theme park including total construction service of theme park planning as well as design.
2.Theme packaging.
3.Theme decoration.
4.Manufacturing of amusement equipment and installation.
5.Investment operation.
6.Management integration.

Why choose Jinbo?

1.Many years of experience
Since its establishment, Jinbo has developed a manufacturing experience. It features a high level of technology and enterprise.

2.Customer satisfaction
All products come with a one-year warranty service apart from electrical components with a warranty of six months. The replacement parts or wearing parts are free. Wearing parts for International customers are shipped with the product.

3.Good reputation
According to the customers, Jinbo has a good reputation. Moreover, the government has chosen us to be a contract enterprise for the city.

The high level of technology allows customization of customers' requirements. The products meet and match one's preference.

Customers with bulk orders can get discounts.

6.Quality packing
Packing is done gently and carefully to protect the products from damping and bumping along the long-distance journey.

There is a wide range of products in different styles. Henceforth, you can check them online and save manpower without spending time on the inspection.

8.After-sales support services
The firm gives customer support services, including onsite operation, plan, design, and operation. Also, after-sales services such as shipment, installation as well as maintenance.

Jinbo products
The Jinbo product categories are:

New Ride Serie
Some of the New Ride Serie are spinning seat swing, King Kong return ride, outdoor steel giant fantasy, terrible giant octopus, colourful rainbow slide, and playground crazy jump.

Roller coaster
For example, snail ride, lucky cat, jungle spinning seats, large flying roller coaster, and indoor kids ride.

Ferris wheel
These include Children Mini, Ferris wheel for a theme park, 42m high roller,50m park,68m double, and 88m giant Ferris wheel.

For instance, 16 seat merry-go-round, 24 seats luxury ride, outdoor double-deck, European style ride.

Bumper Car
Electric bumper cars, animal zodiac dragons, animal kids, and adults.

Pirate Ship
Children mini, 24 seats amusement rides, 36 to 40 seats kids ride.

Children mini, big pendulum, 23 seats ride and 32 seats ride.

Self-control plane
Funfair park Minijet and amusement mini-jet.

Drop tower
Kiddie frog jumping, amusement free tower, and new design drop tower.

Flying chair
Chair swing ride, 16 seats watermelon fruit, and an outdoor swing ride.

Flying tower
40m tower and 50m swing tower.

Tagada Ride
Twenty-four seats, 40 seats, and a mini disco Tagada ride.

Family Rides
Family rides include Tea/ coffee rides, rolling music boat, sky bike ride, samba balloon, Rockin tug rides, 96 seats, torrent subduction, twister fair ride, and 36 seats ride.

Kiddie Rides
Kid chair swing, tour train sightseeing, happy land park, double ocean row, fire fighting truck, automatic aircraft, LED lighting drop tower, and others.

UFO Turntable Ride
Double peak flying UFO and turntable flying UFO.

About Jinbo
Zhongshan Jinbo Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of large dynamic amusement equipment. The business content includes the theme park total construction service of the theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration, amusement equipment manufacturing and installation, and investment operation and management integration. Jinbo Amusement has an independent landscape design and construction company, which can provide one-stop services such as planning and design, construction, project declaration, environmental decoration and equipment supply for tourist attractions and theme parks.

Rich product and complete variety
The products are rich, the variety is complete, and there are many styles to choose from. If you choose to cooperate with Jinbo, you can almost purchase the necessary amusement equipment. You don't need many people or send people to the factory which are in a different place for inspection many times, saving manpower and time. And save the economic cost of transportation and communication!

The product quality is guaranteed
Jinbo's suppliers of materials and accessories are first-class big brand suppliers in the industry. All materials and accessories meet the requirements of the national standard, with 3C certification or related certifications! Refuse non-standard products and three-no? no production date, no quality certificate, no factory name? products!

Provide all-round supporting services
Jinbo Company can provide all-around supporting services for customers, provide on-site inspections for customers, plan and design site construction for amusement parks, provide plan design drawings, and provide customers with operations and management excellent case in this industry for reference. A professional after-sales service team provides customers with services including shipment, installation, and maintenance to solve customers' worries!