jiveSYSTEMS New Video Email Technology Proves Effective

Video email marks the dawn of a new communication era. The video email explosion is a repeat of the dot com boom in the early 90's. Video has long been the staple of the astute e-Marketer. The secret of this audio visual medium has been steadily spreading for the past six years. Now it is available to you in a tried and tested format.....that's jiveSYSTEMS.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2009 -- Small business owners stand to gain the most from this revolutionary technology. Social media now plays a predominate role in marketing and seamless customer service is the battleground. Video email is the ultimate tool for bridging the gap - delivering face to face messages instantly. jiveSYSTEMS have won the battle. Video emails can now be easily embedded in canned responses and automated follow-up sequences sent with every major email marketing solution.

Video is accessible to the small business owner because professional camcorders, lighting and editing software are not needed to use jiveSYSTEMS (video email). All that’s needed is a webcam which can be purchased, from almost any computer store, for less than fifty dollars.

When we look back in a couple of years jiveSYSTEMS could easily be credited with starting a movement that put the human element back into the digital age.

jiveSYSTEMS is giving the small business owners the opportunity to utilize video email before the large corporations catch-on..

Essentially, this crystal ball-of-a-company has a vision of a technology that will soon have people saying how could we have lived without it?

Video can dramatically increase the sales of any business. When faced with a lengthy sales documents or a short video, it is so much easier to get to the nub of the pitch with the video.

The video email revolution has begun. jiveSYSTEMS is putting out a call to small business owners, across the world, who want to gain the competitive advantage without using any clever tricks or secret sales strategies; instead through providing seamless customer service by fully utilizing their video email software.

The days of losing a week travelling on business and spending thousands of dollars doing so, are gone. You can deliver at least the same level of service, possibly greater, from the comfort of your home or office by using video email to educate your prospects and clients. And it costs a lot less!

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