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JNR Insurance Brings New Flood Insurance to Brooklyn and Williamsburg

JNR Insurance brings in new flood insurance to Brooklyn and Williamsburg to help homeowners and businesses keep themselves and their belongings protected, safe and secure.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2017 --Obtaining a flood insurance quote is one of the most convenient ways to save money on a flood insurance coverage. A flood insurance quote is an estimation of how much money one should look forward to paying for their flood insurance coverage. Considering the rising demand for such insurance, JNR Insurance has brought to the market a plethora of insurance options that can be easily be obtained at an affordable price.

Since 2004, the company has been serving the community in Brooklyn, New York. The agents can understand the importance of flood insurance in Brooklyn and Williamsburg. Even if a flood is not that common in Brooklyn, it does not mean that no one will ever experience it in future. Without discarding the bleak chances, securing a flood insurance would be the right decision.

As an independent agency, JNR Insurance has expanded its business by exploring thousands of reputable carriers to find the best quote instead of being just restricted to a few coverages provided by a single carrier. They will examine and compare the quotes and find the best quote for their clients.

Being a locally owned and operated insurance broker in Brooklyn, New York, JNR Insurance agency maintains a long-standing relationship with their clients, serving them throughout all of New York. They believe in customer satisfaction and always meet the customer needs. They are ready to go an extra mile to secure the best quote for their clients and customers. It is their client-centric approach and commitment to service that set them apart from the rest.

In addition to flood insurance, JNR Insurance specializes in auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, worker's compensation, building insurance, travelers insurance, all kinds of bonds including liquor bonds, and more.

For more information on different types of insurance in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, visit http://www.jnrins.com or call them at 718-640-1642.

About JNR Insurance Agency
JNR Insurance Agency is a locally owned and operated insurance broker located in Brooklyn, New York. They have worked in the insurance industry field since 2004.  Over the past 13 years their team has helped thousands of individuals and businesses become insured.