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Jobs Contract for America?

Notes on Quotes: "We are dangerously close to becoming an outsourced nation." Gordon Mercer and Marcia Mercer


Franklin, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2010 -- In December of 2009 we proposed both major political parties enter a Jobs Contract with America, which would be their systematic plan for job creation. Our column got very little attention by either party. Are both parties out of touch? A recent Rasmussen Report indicated 59 percent of American voters believe neither Democrats nor Republicans understand what voters want. See our recent column, “Where have all the leaders gone?” in our Notes on Quotes Press Room. Leaders of both major parties have been especially out of touch in the area of jobs. Midterm elections are nearing. We need to elect candidates who are focused on job creation and retention and hereby reissue our call for both political parties to enter into a Jobs Contract with America.

Over the last 15 years, we have let manufacturing, and the many jobs manufacturing produces, leave our country. This was due to excessive free-trade when other nations were not reciprocating. The stimulus package (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) was enacted in February of 2009 and was a patchwork of federal stimulus money. However, for the most part, one reads the bill in vain to find an economic strategy that does much more than save jobs. There has been disappointment in the promised creation of new jobs, as employment levels have been very disappointing. A major flaw of the bill is that it does not connect well with economic areas where job growth is possible.

We know our leaders care. We are certain they are deeply concerned about manufacturing and job creation but we need more long term planning and strategy. We are struggling and we are grappling. Isn’t it time to move ahead and shape our economic destiny once again? Once our nation sets manufacturing and job priorities, we will again assume leadership in the economic arena.

We need an economic strategy that puts us at the cutting-edge of future technology, which would create many skilled and unskilled jobs. There are many areas at the cutting edge of future manufacturing. Nanoscience and nanomanufacturing (locating and manipulating molecules and atoms to produce precision products on a ultra-small scale with higher performance capabilities at lower cost), microelectronics, rapid prototyping (involving customized production), medical technology, hydrogen technologies, energy technologies, robotics, capital advanced equipment that builds manufacturing equipment for the future, medical equipment, defense technology, advanced airline and other transportation systems, thermal heating, manufactured green buildings, consumer windmills, and modular correctional facilities are all cutting edge and within our sphere of expertise and knowledge.

The future we search for is jobs for America. We cannot afford our current policy of outsourcing our jobs, outsourcing our huge national debt, and outsourcing our manufacturing. We are dangerously close to becoming an outsourced nation. We need Congress to problem solve and help us rebuild our job sector and be on the cutting edge of future technologies. We encourage both political parties to develop a Jobs Contract for America, a national agenda of long term manufacturing and employment priorities. The political party that succeeds in this mission will be the dominant political party for decades to come.

We can, we must, and we will assume economic leadership once more.

Gordon Mercer is international president of Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society and a professor at Western Carolina University. Marcia Mercer is a writer and columnist. Go to http://9955.hostednr.com to get to our Notes on Quotes Press Room. Views expressed in this column are the views of the authors and do not reflect the views of other organizations. The authors of this column write a column for the Franklin Press in Franklin, North Carolina.