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Joe Taylor Restoration Aids in Remediating Water Damage in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, New Jersey

Joe Taylor Restoration uses cutting-edge technologies for water damage restoration.


Tullytown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2021 --Joe Taylor Restoration is a well-established property damage restoration company. They even offer coronavirus disinfection services in Burlington and Trenton, New Jersey.

Water is an essential competent of every home, which people use extensively daily. However, water is also among the most common causes of property damage. It can enter a home or commercial building due to natural reasons, like heavy rains or snowfalls. More often than not, water damage is also caused due to man-made issues like faulty plumbing. No matter the source of water damage, it can have a devastating impact on a property. Stagnant water can lead to flooding, which can cause rust, rotting wood, and, worst of all, mold damage. Hence, water damage should be fixed as soon as possible.

Joe Taylor Restoration offers expert assistance in remediating water damage in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, New Jersey. They are staffed with certified water damage technicians who make use of the latest technologies to assess the damages and subsequently create a proper remediation plan for them. The team of Joe Taylor Restoration usually uses hygrometers, moisture detectors, and thermal cameras to assess the damage quickly. They additionally use a system known as "in-place" or "top-down" drying to deal with the identified damage. This unique drying system takes advantage of psychometric science to assist in the drying process. It allows them to dry almost every surface at home without having to demolish or remove them.

Joe Taylor Restoration is equipped with cutting-edge, high-capacity air movers that create a vortex in the area that needs to be dried. While on the other hand, their low-grain refrigerant dehumidifiers blow out warm, dry air after drawing in cool, wet air. This system allows the technicians to salvage drywall, wood, furniture, and more.

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Joe Taylor Restoration offers an expansive range of property restoration services to Northeast Philadelphia, Tullytown, Bucks County, Levittown, Trenton, Burlington, and nearby areas.