Joerg Brand Seeks Crowdfunding to Tackle the Drought Problem

Joerg Brand wants to start an important pilot program in Southern California. Based on the findings of this pilot program, Joerg is hopeful about generating water from the air as a renewable, 100% off-grid system.


Lake Elsinore, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2015 --Global warming is one of the most serious environmental issues faced by the planet earth. A steadily rising global temperature has resulted in a declining level of groundwater in many countries all over the world. Droughts, bad harvests, and forest fires are some of the many environmental impacts of a declining level of groundwater. Joerg Brand feels that there is a serious need for the Californian farmers to decrease their use of groundwater. Being the most agriculturally active state in the country, the situation is particularly alarming for California. He also believes that additional water reservoirs and wells will not provide a long –term solution to this problem.

Joerg Brand has just undertaken a project where water will be extracted from the air by making use of a well-established technique. This installation will be 100% off-grid because it is operated by the wind and solar energy. Talking about this demonstration project, Joerg says, "It is completely independent of grid power and can therefore be installed virtually everywhere. This is a non-profit project. Its main purpose is to show how we can produce potable water through simple means."

Detailed project plan/technical details for the pilot project are as follows
- Amount of water: 150 liters per day
- Condenser performance: 8.0 kW
- Solar/Wind energy performance: 10.0 kW
- Inverter performance: 5.0 kW
- Battery capacity: 5,000 Ah

Joerg's plan is to start the execution of his project in December, 2015. However, he needs to raise $56,000 to meet all financial requirements to conduct the pilot program. Joerg has recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise this amount. Proceeds from the bank will be used for condenser, solar module/windmills, inverter, storage battery, and charge controller. A part will also be used for the website, planning and approval, and infrastructure.

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About Joerg Brand
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Joerg Brand is highly experienced in developing machines and handling different projects related to renewable energy. He is currently planning a pilot program in Southern California to demonstrate how water can be generated from air as a renewable, 100% off-grid system.