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John Cutter Investigations Specializes in Matrimonial Investigations in Bergen County and Brooklyn, New York

It makes sense to invest in matrimonial investigations in Bergen County and Brooklyn, New York, for marital disputes and other matrimonial issues.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2021 --Given that illicit affairs and divorces are common these days, many couples find it necessary to go through a comprehensive background check before tying the knot. After all, no one would like to deal with marital problems that can lead to divorce. If someone's spouse appears to be dating someone else, it could be unfortunate for the other partner. Once caught, situations become grave, leading to altercation and argument. This eventually causes malice and spite, which culminates into somewhat unbridled wrath. If any such suspicion arises, it's time to find a cheap private investigator to conduct comprehensive matrimonial investigations in Bergen County and Brooklyn, New York.

A personal investigator will help their clients find whether or not their husbands or wives are involved in any adultery with anyone. Even if suspicion arises, it requires evidence to prove. Together with a private investigator, one's concerns and doubts will be confirmed or substantiated. So, the evidence obtained by the investigator will help with the divorce proceedings, thereby enabling one to decide whether to leave as a married individual or file for divorce.

JCI's Matrimonial Investigations Services bring their investigative expertise and experience in helping families resolve disputes and get back to normal. As former law enforcement officers, their investigators have extensive experience in sensitive disputes involving family and marriage. They work closely with the legal counsel to find evidence for their clients. Their focused background and robust network enable them to unearth vital information, such as her husband's actual activity, hidden origins, criminal activity, etc. Additionally, they equip their clients with comprehensive documentation of their investigations, enabling them to achieve the outcome as desired.

JCI can obtain evidence of fraud through data analysis, interviews, physical surveillance, GPS tracking, and other means for marriage court proceedings. The attorney may use their information in a divorce or custody dispute, which requires evidence of cheating, child endangerment or negligence, and financial abuse. By hiring a licensed private detective, all the evidence gathered will be passed on to the courtroom. No wonder this will bring the ideal result for the couple.

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Founded by John Cutter, a former deputy secretary of the New York Police Department, after 25 years of professional work, John Cutter Research Co., Ltd. (JCI) employs experts with extensive experience in public and private research and many different fields. They are licensed to conduct research and safety in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida.