Join Vlx Trading Competiton Win 7000 Usdt & 160k Vlx


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2020 --Dear BW users,

BW and Velas are going to run a joint trading competition

The more VLX you buy - the more you get.

Timing: 2020/4/11 15:00 (UTC + 8) - 2020/4/25 15:00 (UTC + 8).

1. The Velas Trading Competition:

Users who participate in The Velas Trading Competition and have a net purchase of over 5000 VLX will be ranked based on the total net buys over the duration of the competition (VLX buys minus VLX sells minus VLX withdrawn = net buys) So each days net buys are added together over the 14 days

Velas Trading Competition PriZes for the 3 highest ranked users
No. 1 5000 USDT AND 5000 VLX
No. 2 1500 USDT AND 1500 VLX
No. 3 500 USDT AND 500 VLX

2. The Velas 160K Lottery:

ALL Users who participate in The Velas Trading Competition and have a net purchase of over 5000 VLX over the duration of the competition are ALSO automatically entered into The Velas Lottery – 1 user - 1 entry.

The Velas 160K Lottery PriZes
10 priZes 5000 VLX
20 priZes 2000 VLX
70 priZes 1000 VLX

3. 0.01 BTC for new registrations

New users after sign up on BW successfully can receive 0.01 BTC.
Click the link to learn more details:

4. 60% Super Rebate for VLX trading

Invite friends to trade VLX to get 60% Super Rebate
1. The invitee must use the complete invitation link of the inviter to complete the registration and activate it successfully;
2. During the event, you can enjoy 30% commission rebate for first-level friends, 20% for second-level friends, and 10% for third-level friends;
3. Rebate will be calculated on the day of friends' transactions, and it will be credited into account the following night; rebate amount = the actual transaction volume *fee * rebate commission;
Click the link to check more details:

1. Unable to withdraw VLX during the event, otherwise it will be disqualified;
2. Winning users must pass mobile phone / Google / E-mail verification;
3. Rewards will be issued within 10 working days after the event ends;
4. If there is any malicious behavior during the event, the entry qualification will be disqualified;
5. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to BW.

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