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Joint Relief Associates of New York Helps Local Patients Find Relief from Knee Pain with Non-Surgical Treatment

Massapequa, NY joint pain experts offer FDA-approved, non-surgical treatments to help patients find relief from knee osteoarthritis pain


Massapequa, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --Long Island patients who are suffering from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis now have access to some of the latest non-surgical treatments offered by the joint relief experts at Joint Relief Associates of New York in Massapequa. Joint Relief Associates of New York are committed to helping knee osteoarthritis sufferers alleviate their pain and get their quality of life back with the latest FDA-approved treatments that don't require invasive surgery or a lengthy recovery time.

Studies show that almost 1 in 2 people develop knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis by the time they reach the age of 85. Osteoarthritis is caused by the loss of cartilage and shock-absorbing fluid in the knee joint that prevents the bones from rubbing against each other. When this cartilage and fluid is lost, patients experience a range of pain from the bones rubbing together.

Patients struggling with knee pain often find that they are restricted in their daily activities due to pain. Additionally, many have to give up some of their favorite parts of their active lifestyle, especially sports, because their pain is simply too much to handle. Those who have received joint pain treatment at Joint Relief Associates of New York report that not only do they enjoy a pain-free lifestyle day-to-day, but are also able to return to their favorite sports like tennis, golf, skiing, running, hiking, etc.

The experts at Joint Relief Associates of New York specialize in both diagnosing the root of the patient's pain and prescribing customized treatment modalities that are tailored specifically to the patient's needs. They believe that in most instances, patients suffering from knee pain do not need to resort to invasive surgery which also requires extensive recovery. Instead, they can offer a variety of non-surgical options for patients that are just as effective, and in many instances even more effective, than surgery. The treatments they offer are covered by Medicare as well as most insurance plans.

One of the most common non-surgical treatments for knee osteoarthritis pain is knee injections of hyaluronic acid helping to replace the shock-absorbing fluid that has been lost due to their condition. This particular substance is found in most body tissues and helps reduce friction in the knee joints, which subsequently alleviates pain for the patient as well. Other recommended treatment options may include nutritional supplements, weight loss, exercise, etc.

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The primary mission of Joint Relief Associates of New York is to help patients find non-surgical relief from joint pain. In addition to offering solutions for knee pain, they also provide services to help patients alleviate other types of pain such as shoulder pain, elbow pain, and hip pain.

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