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Joseph Potashnik and Associates Provides Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Defense

As the Dept of Justice is taking more pro-active action to combat healthcare fraud across the nation, the demand for criminal defense service on the part of medical professionals is continuously growing.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2017 --This year the United States citizens witnessed Medicare and Medicaid enforcement actions unprecedented in their scale both in terms of the number of targeted professionals and organizations and the amount of allegedly misappropriated funds. In June 2017 a joint action of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force and Medicaid Fraud Control Units resulted in over 400 health care providers arrested on charges of Medicaid or Medicare fraud of $1.3 bn total. Surely, not all of the arrested were then brought to court, some allegations turned out to be ungrounded. Still, this is a great example of how a person become a target of criminal investigation though absolutely innocent.

What is important to understand in such a situation is that, whether guilty or not, the person has all the chances to be convicted. In case of a healthcare professional working with such governmentally funded programs as Medicare and Medicaid, the consequences of the conviction include full restitution of the wasted money, a substantial fine, years in prison, as well as exclusion from the programs, and in some cases even license loss.

Joseph Potashnik and Associates PC has a team of health care fraud defense lawyers. With many successfully resolved cases behind their backs, including a few high profile, the lawyers are more than sure that criminal investigation and prosecution can be averted. This can be achieved by setting the right billing practices in the organization and ensuring strict compliance with the regulations.

"Attorneys at this law group are frequently called upon to carry out internal "mock audits" and reviews at medical organizations", says J. Potashnik. "This helps ensure that all the personnel shares an understanding that auditors can turn up at any minute and thus guarantee that everyone makes it their priority to comply with the regulations. However, even if the criminal investigation starts, there are still ways to either prevent criminal prosecution by dismissing the case with the help of the necessary evidence or minimize penalties".

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