Journey to Paradise - New Self-Help Book Aims to Aid Readers on Their Journey to Fulfillment


Wahiawa, HI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2016 --Pastor and author John E. Miller is releasing a new Christian self-help book called Journey to Paradise: A Field Guide to Happiness and Wholeness. The book is structured as a road map from proverbial hell to paradise, with each chapter covering a different point along the route.

Miller's previous book, Journey to the Center of the Heart , was a collection of stories about his personal life, along with the lessons that he had learned from them. He wrote it with the hopes that his stories could help others overcome difficulties in their own lives. The new book incorporates that first book, with a field guide to aid readers in their journey to their personal paradise, giving them a more hands-on tool to improve their lives.

In each chapter, the reader is invited to think about their stories during a particular stage in their life and to welcome God into their lives to help them get back on track towards a happy, fulfilling future. The goal is to help people move forward from their pasts, no matter how negative, so that they can embrace their relationship with God and find true happiness.

Miller is working with Stellar Communications Houston, a non-fiction book publishing company, in order to bring his new book to the public. To help bring the book to market, Miller has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money. The funds will go towards the final editing and publishing of the book, distribution, and marketing. The expected release date is March 2017, but Miller expects to have the project completed before then.

The campaign has a funding goal of $8,936, of which it must receive the full value by November 6, 2016. To thank backers for their contributions, Miller will send an e-book, paperback or hardcover version for donations of $10, $20 and $40, respectively.

About John E. Miller
Miller is an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene and has been working in Christian ministry for over 19 years. He has been a pastor in Colorado, West Virginia, Florida and Hawaii, where he currently resides with his wife and three children. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Nazarene Bible College and is currently working towards his master's degree at Point Loma Nazarene University.