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Joyetech Stocks New Intelligent Electronic Cigarette

The world of Electronic Cigarettes receives a much needed boost with new technology from Joyetech


Blackburn, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2013 --Innovative Electronic Cigarette producer Joyetech have released a new state-of-the-art E Cig that allows total freedom to the vaper. The eVic V1.2 houses an electronic display screen with various setting modes allowing the vaper to completely customise their experience.

Available from trusted supplier Joyetech; the eVic (an acronym for electronic-Vapour Intelligent Cigarette) monitors the vaping behaviour of its users and records all of the information onto their PC daily, weekly and monthly.

The eVic V1.2 allows the vaper to set the number of inhalations that can be taken at one time. This customisation is so accurate and precise that even a single inhalation can be personalised. These restrictions will allow the E Liquid and battery to last considerably longer.

The screen displays both the current inhalation number and the remaining inhalations number. With these factors, the users can witness how far through the experience they are. The intelligent technology will measure the resistance of the atomizer that is being used and recommend the ideal output to use.

Furthermore, the eVic allows the user to view the battery life and current voltage of the Electronic Cigarette. This provides total transparency in regards to what the Electronic Cigarette is producing and how it is producing it, allowing the user greater confidence in the control of the device.

It is incredibly simple to increase and decrease the output voltage of the eVic. The display also contains a warning, should the temperature be rising too high. This allows for greater care to be taken of the product which can increase the life span of the Electronic Cigarette. All of the information is provided on a screen known as the eVic Control Head.

All of the settings can be customised by the user from their computer. This makes it a lot simpler for users to receive the vaping experience that they desire.

In a rapidly growing industry; the eVic V1.2 uses software updates to allow the user access to new technologies and breakthroughs. This will allow those who invest in the eVic to stay abreast of the newest electronic cigarette innovations.

This innovation marks another step towards TECC’s ultimate goal of creating an Electronic Cigarette that caters personally for each and every customer.

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