JTT UAVs Assist Macau Customs for Anti-Illegal Immigration


Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2019 --Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd.(Shorted as JTT UAV), a leading industrial drone supplier and solution provider, was recently awarded for Macau customs UAV project. JTT UAV provided industrial drones (Model name: T60 v2) and professional UAV training for the officers. Once again, the company proves that JTT UAV has a strong strength in industrial applications, especially the maritime application.

Project Background

In recent years, the number of human smugglers has continued to rise, while the number of illegal immigrants is declining, according to the data analysis on illegal immigration from the maritime and coastal borders of Macau. Customs now are facing greater challenges in maritime law enforcement and patrol work. So, the Macau Customs was looking for advanced technology to crack down on illegal smuggling to maintain stability.

Challenges of the project

Heavy wind in the sea
As we know, the weather is unpredictable on the sea, so it's easy to suffer from heavy wind and rainy during the surveillance task. From the feedback of officers, they operated another drone brand in the beginning, but they found that the drone was easy to lose control in heavy wind conditions, or even crash to the sea directly.

Limitation of police forces
As sea area is large and there are some islands in the sea, there will be dead corners and very difficult to pick out all the illegal immigrants with a limited number of police forces. Moreover, the everyday surveillance workload is huge and the daily surveillance is not safe.

Rescue action should be quicker
When patrol officers finds the drowning person, they will report to the related department immediately. However, it takes a few minutes at least to arrive the destination for the rescue. Therefore, to decrease the arriving time means greater chances to saving more drowning people.

JTT UAV Solution
Strong Anti-wind and anti-rainy ability

JTT Drone T60 v2 can fly in the middle-rainy conditions, and the anti-wind ability reaches up to 13.6m/s. With salt spray treatment, the T60 v2 is able to continue the task even in bad conditions, like the maritime application.

Strong flexibility and functional compatibility
JTT Drone T60 v2 can complete vertical take-off and landing. With high hovering accuracy, T60 v2 can take off/land on the island or boat directly.

Moreover, there are more than 10 payloads that are available to match with T60 v2 for different applications. For example, it is able to carry 30X HD cameras to check the illegal boat more clearly, thermal cameras for the night surveillance and loudspeakers for warning.

High efficiency for the daily surveillance and rescue

JTT Drone T60 v2 is equipped with an industrial standard ground control station (Shorted as GCS). The pilot can edit the patrolling route on the GCS and start the patrolling automatically. With the god's eye view, the dead corner will be avoided.

Besides, JTT offers the video solution so that the command center has the real-time videos in the same time. The command officers will take the actions shortly.

In order to increase the rescue efficiency, JTT UAV provides a 4-in-1 device which is combined with an HD camera for daily surveillance, a loud-speaker for warning, a searchlight for assisting the night patrolling and a release platform to carry rescue pods. The JTT rescue pod can be expanded automatically when it touches the water.

About JTT
Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., LTD(JTT), established in January 2015, is a high-tech company specialized in research, development, and manufacture of UAV?located in Shenzhen Nanshan i Park (the first "international knowledge innovation village" in China). Our philosophy is Symbiosis & Innovation. We provide cutting-edge technology and industrial UAV solutions. JTT integrates multi-rotor intelligent UAVs that are widely used in aerial surveillance, public security, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, agriculture, aerial photography and scientific investigation.

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