Just Released FlipBook Creator Makes Stunning Page Flip Format

Flipbook Creator is new updated software announced on flippagemaker.com. The software can create cool page flip format based on html5 tech.


Guangzhou, Guang Dong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2013 --The world of electronic products has become more exciting with the release of Flipbook Creator, new software that uses the latest developments in animation coding such as HTML 5 to convert PDF documents into a page flip format. The authors believe the product will serve to make it simple for large numbers of everyday users and professional web designers to make animated effects of their text documents and other content. A number of observers and initial reviewers report it is among the best flipbook makers available in the marketplace.

According to one anonymous reviewer, “what sets the program apart is its easy learning curve, or really none compared to the competitors. The program just takes your image or PDF file, and converts it into flip books automatically.” The flipbook creator app is also designed to be flexible, with hundreds of templates for animation effects preinstalled in the program, and capable of outputting the results in many different file formats. The tool produces compelling 3-D flip effects without requiring users to have programming knowledge, or additional expertise to layer in effects and audio track, index or table of contents.

The software represents the leading edge achievements and realization of what can be done with Flash and HTML 5, by the Chinese company FlipPageMaker Software Co., Ltd. “We are committed to provide users with the best digital printing solutions, bring users the ultimate experience for digital publishing product,” announce its webmasters on the about page. “Our products have gained market recognition for their quality and functionality. In many ways this has been possible thanks to a special approach to our users - the people who support our work and suggest valuable improvements.”

The company anticipates the rich range of effects and features will make the software standout and the maximally usable by the target web design audience. This is especially true, state its representatives, about its ability to produce custom flipbooks of many types: “provides many customization features to allow users customizing their unique flip books. Users can decide the layout, color, background, function buttons, logo, and page flip effects and so on for their books.” The creators have also integrated features for setting the appropriate language for the e-book to be converted into the program, making it much more user-friendly for producing flipbook products for specific nations and regions.

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