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"Justice for Collette" Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Help Singer Defend Herself in $10 Mil Lawsuit


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2014 --“Outrageous!” says Perez Hilton of $10,000,000 P!NK tribute lawsuit. Iconic blogger urges internet to help obscure singer raise legal fees. Indiegogo campaign “Justice For Collette” is born.

Perez Hilton calls it “Outrageous!”. Shirley Manson of Garbage claims it’s a “ludicrous situation”.

Collette McLafferty, 40, of New York City, is fighting a $10,000,000 lawsuit for a $75 show. Her crime? Performing with a P!NK tribute band at a Long Island bar. The Plaintiff is an attorney who once played drums for the band. They’ve never met.

After an initial offer to sing, she later learned the Plaintiff didn’t want to hire her, but she was “welcome to audition”. Months later, she was offered the job again, informed he had quit. Too busy at this point, McLafferty declined, but agreed to sing on a short term basis. She recalled in xoJane:

“At our last rehearsal...a man walked in with 3 large stacks of paper, one for me, the band leader and the guitarist. It took 30 seconds to register I had been served”. Upon reading the 112 page complaint, McLafferty learned he was not only suing her for $10,000,000 and legal fees, but that he felt she was a “lousy singer” and “too unattractive” to front a P!NK tribute band. He further alleged she had conspired with the co-defendants to cut him out of his own band while he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

McLafferty immediately quit her job in the band only to be threatened with a second lawsuit. Informed she could potentially be in the courts for years, McLafferty was urged by lawyer Martin Kera to speak to the press.

Mclafferty granted an interview to the NYPost, who ran the headline “Singer Sued for Being too Old and Too Ugly for P!NK tribute band”. This version of the story was picked up by media outlets worldwide including Time, Yahoo News and Perez Hilton. Hilton called on the internet to help McLafferty “Fund this lawsuit somehow”.

The honest and raw account of her ordeal on xoJane caught the attention of Alisa Cordesius of Indiegogo. She reached out to McLafferty and collaborated on the “Justice For Collette” campaign.

McLafferty is currently 50% funded and is offering incentives which feature her singing, such as singing telegrams, private concerts, and lending her vocals to recordings. “Don’t worry I can actually sing!”, she states.

To donate visit “Justice For Collette” at