JWLZZ Launch Redefines the Nuptial Experience by Marrying the Wedding Band to Face Profiles

Adding to all the reasons to walk briskly down the aisle, a new company launches an altogether personalized approach to the timeless wedding ring.


Arnhem, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2017 --Whoever said something classic couldn't stem from the most modern of unique forms? Not Netherlands- based, JWLZZ. They're the out-of-the-box thinkers that have allowed what's distinct in personalized jewelry to take an entirely new gait. With technology at the helm, the new jewelry design firm has quantified sentimentality in an innovative way. Enter, face profile jewelry. For bride and groom, engagement, anniversary, or family posterity, now the profiles of loved ones pull double duty. With effortless whimsy encased in precious metal, they make up the design of a ring so complex its simplicity overwhelms.

Ali Dikilitas, the CEO of JWLZZ, said of the artful process, "We wanted to create a touchstone so memorable that it unites both the senses and the heart. This uniquely personalized ring is the perfect synergy between story, design, and the wearer. It's their own lifetime of love in one small circle that never leaves their hand."

Uniting small images in either gold, white gold, or rose gold, each handcrafted ring can personify up to six face profiles. At first glance, it looks like a unique wedding ring with what one could only call waves of gold. But, look deeper at its edges and profiles appear. With each turn, a new facial profile takes shape only to morph into the next. These unassuming faces flow together to form the ring's ultimate design.

Sounds like a luxury item, yes? Certainly, it is but, JWLZZ has launched their company with a mission. JWLZZ artisans are committed to providing every customer with an affordable jewelry experience. This translates to revolutionary production immersed in craftsmanship with a six week delivery time. The custom-made face profile wedding bands are available in various widths, between four to ten millimeters, and are made of ethical 18K gold. The innovative company ships worldwide and insures against total loss in transit at no extra cost. To boot, JWLZZ also gives a production warranty on this nickel-free product.

JWLZZ will start delivery of its first orders for the customized wedding bands by mid-December. Pendants, cufflinks, and bracelets are slated for addition to the customized jewelry line.

For more information visit http://www.jwlzz.com/shop.

To download the press kit visit http://www.jwlzz.com/press.

JWLZZ was launched in August of 2017 and is based in the Netherlands. It provides the marketplace with personalized jewelry that uses facial profiles as a design point.

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