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K-Beauty Enters European Market

Brand new generation of Korean cosmetics will definitely capture attention and win over European women's hearts.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/24/2018 --The history of cosmetics starts in ancient Egypt and Greece when people began to recognize the importance of healthy skin and good-looking appearance.

Spanish author of the 16th century Lopa de Vega wrote in his poem "Dog in the Manger" that woman's health always comes together with her beauty. This anniversal truth has its relevance nowadays as well. However, we cannot deny the fact, that the city environment has changed significantly since then and, therefore, our skin needs a special treatment.

For many years, Korean beauty industry and its secrets were preserved by the domestic companies but in the time of globalization, it is high time we get to know all the secrets of Seoul women. Korean women are looking deeper into beauty ingredients lists and shifting away from parabens, fragrances, and artificial preservatives. The move towards safe, minimal ingredients has seen a surge in the popularity of smaller, new generation K-beauty brands.

Dr. Eslee is the one, that produces effect-oriented cosmetics, which is used by dermatology specialists. The K-beauty industry is famous for using only natural ingredients and Dr. Eslee is not an exception. The company uses eco-friendly plant-based ingredients and is constantly searching for the new ones to make new effective products. Most important, more then 670 dermatology clinics are currently using this professional tool to make women even more beautiful. No parabens, SLM/SLES, chemical UV absorbent absolutely free of artificial fragrances. Such skin problems as acne, aging, pigmentations and blemishing, etc. can be treated with Dr. Eslee's new generation of products without any prior surgeries.

Nowadays the new bridge between Korea and Europe is being built in the skincare industry. Heung Sup Han, Korean entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in the business world is said to be a pioneer who brought the professional skin care products from Korea to Europe. He underlines the valuable utility and benefits for both of the parties and believes, that Korean professional cosmetics has all the chances to be a strong competitor on the European market and he welcomes the opportunity to introduce it as an investment option as well.