KAKUKA Launches Revolutionary Video Sharing App

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San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/13/2017 --Life is made up of moments, and highlighting those moments is absolutely vital to looking back on life. Watching these moments is more than enjoyable. They are moving, memorable and truly inspiring. This is the power of moments worth sharing. Now, you can find those moments in a flash. 

On Nov. 7th the Kakuka app will be released; a video sharing application for capturing those special moments. Our app can be located by checking out the Apple App Store when the application becomes available, or by going to the official Kakuka web page.

This high-end video sharing application makes sure that people can either find and clip from the zillion videos already online, or capture wonderful moments in their own lives to share with the world's first rotation-driven, frame by frame, video trimming tool. Users can easily find, clip, edit and share moments with Kakuka's thriving community, or any platform of their choosing.

Kakuka's video app aims to help users find, discover, clip and share these valuable moments. With the exponential growth of online videos, people's time has become more and more precious. For lots of video viewers, finding special moments that stick out and make them feel something has become increasingly challenging. Kakuka helps those with limited time find something meaningful. All without the need to wade through centuries worth of videos uploaded to YouTube every single day. 

Video creators know people's time is valuable and they are tired of watching random and meaningless videos. Kakuka can serve as a portfolio for those who want to watch something more worthwhile. Rather than having people waste time reading reviews and comments to determine how good a video is, users can clip the best part of it using the Kakuka app. The app helps make sure this content is easily shared and made visible to the rest of the world, where using it is never a struggle to view the best of the best. 

Additionally, it is important to note that this is the first time that such an app is on the market. The team faced and overcame many challenges in the development. They have succeeded in creating the world's first rotation-driven, video trimming tool designed for a mobile, multi-touch screen. 

Kakuka's developers have also integrated Google's YouTube API into the app so that users can search, browse, and clip YouTube videos frame-by-frame without leaving the Kakuka app. This makes it the easiest tool for clipping YouTube videos to date.

Moving forward the team will utilize custom algorithms, face recognition and emotional intelligence. This will work to help make sure that videos are recommended based on what users truly like and what they have watched beforehand, not what is 'viral'.

Want to have a quick look at how it works? Here is a 60s video!

Keep an eye out for the Nov. 7th release date for the Kakuka app through our official website, or contact our support team for more details on service@kakukaapp.com. 

Install Kakuka App in Apple App Store http://apple.co/2z6CIC7.

KAKUKA is an application design and development company with a small team based around the globe. KAKUKA releases applications that solve problems and goes beyond the standard. Their team is passionate about creating great products and providing a user-friendly experience. KAKUKA helps people create and share the moments they love, making the online content better for all. 

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