KALiiN App Harnesses Digital Wizardry to Create the Ultimate "Life Concierge"


Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2017 --Living in the lightning fast 21st Century has just become more manageable. From American tech studio KALiiN comes a powerful, intuitive artificial intelligence app and platform that simplifies one's life, improves one's efficiency, increases one's knowledge, and fosters one's mindfulness - all while maintaining the highest level of information security to protect users' privacy and data.

KALiiN's patent-pending AI technology allows users to see and organize their daily lives and schedules in an innovative way that boosts productivity while expanding the mind. Acting as the user's "life concierge," KALiiN frees up valuable time that is often wasted on daily, repetitive tasks, so that users can focus on the more important things in their lives. KALiiN reduces distractions, makes the user aware of scheduling conflicts, and maximizes a person's efficiency every day.

KALiiN's Big Data and Micro-Predictive Analytics can enhance the competitive edge of businesses as well. Its powerful, back-end AI can be integrated into a company's existing applications, resulting in better adaptiveness, responsiveness, and effectiveness for one's business.

Even more astounding is the fact that the KALiin app is free to download and use, and maintains a high rating in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

KALiiN is now listed on, which is an SEC-approved website that supports investment in entrepreneurship. For the many users who love KALiiN, it is an opportunity to invest in KALiiN. The minimum investment level for an equity position starts at only $100 USD, and is open to people around the globe, not just citizens of the United States. KALiiN has already exceeded a key milestone of $20,000 USD in less than 30 days on

KALiiN's listing is found at

About KALiiN
KALiiN prides itself on being a "solution builder." Its diverse and global team creates phenomenal, market changing solutions from innovative ideas that pass its rigorous vetting processes. KALiiN's approach incorporates a proprietary "information assembly line" format to build reliable and forward thinking solutions that meet the market objectives of KALiiN and its clientele. By opening up to investors, KALiiN is giving its users the opportunity to share in the rewards of building up a unique and dynamic technology company with a market leadership position in a high growth sector.