KAnalysis Launches Advanced Low-Cost IP Filing Platform "KA Filing"

KAnalysis Consultant (P) Ltd. have just announced the formal launch of KA Filing, a new and sophisticated IP filing platform. This is the first ever IP filing service supported by a team of attorneys and high caliber IP professionals.


Milan, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2016 --KAnalysis Consultant is pleased to announce the mega launch of their new online IP filing platform named KA Filing. KAnalysis Consultant is a distinguished intellectual property boutique firm with offices in Italy, UK, and India. As their just launched subsidiary, KA Filing comprises several top-notch Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, Trademark Experts, Experienced Draftsmen, Paralegals and in-house investigators. The range of service offered by the company includes patents, trademarks, and drawings.

Unlike the traditional concept of delivering intellectual property law service, KA Filing is built around the coordination between the human mind and the advanced automation technologies. This simple and streamlined IP application process only requires the filers to enter minimal information about themselves and upload relevant material. Once the payment is made online, KA Filing takes care of the complex procedural activities and saves repetitive manual effort to provide substantial cost savings for their clients.

Some of the salient features of KA Filing platform are:

- Professional Attorneys: This is the first ever IP filing service operated by IP professionals and attorneys. This team has a combined experience of more than two hundred years.

- Cost Effective: Saves cost by streamlining the application process and optimizing unnecessary overheads.

- Escrow Account: Clients release payment only after receiving service as per their desired satisfaction level.

- Security: Excellent IT security infrastructure and the latest industry standard encryption technologies.

- Quality Service: Service offered is not just limited to filing, but also includes management of complex cases and unique scenarios.

- Fixed Cost: All clients have the benefit of knowing the final all-inclusive cost of the engagement beforehand.

- Efficient Workflow: Well defined and time-tested processes that deliver prompt results and resolve all issues with a high level of efficiency.

- Illustration: Proper IP illustration to avoid objections or limitations in scope.

The parent company of KA Filing, KAnalysis Consultant is globally acclaimed for their proficiency in protection, enforcement, commercialization, and research related to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, geographic indications and domain names. Talking about the company's new IP filing platform, the CEO of KAnalysis Consultants Ashutosh Choudhary said, "In the last one year, we have filed around 500 IP applications in various jurisdictions, and felt the need for a simple platform for anyone that wants to protect his/her IP (intellectual Property) in India and abroad. We have partnered with a number of attorneys from various countries to provide a smooth processing of IP."

To find out more about this game changing IP filing service platform, please visit https://kafiling.com/

About KA Filing
KA Filing is a subsidiary of KAnalysis Consultant (P) Ltd., a legal and technical consulting firm established by a group of the earliest intellectual property practitioners in India and Europe who were inspired by the Internet operation model to deliver intellectual property law services across the globe. The team at KA Filing comprises Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents, Trademark Experts, Experienced Draftsmen, Paralegals and in-house investigators.

Visit Website: https://kafiling.com/