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Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling Offering Exclusive Discounts on Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City Through 2021

Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling is giving residents a lower rate on some kitchen remodeling services scheduled before the end of the 2021 calendar year.


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2021 --2020 brought on many challenges for the home improvement industry that put a damper on both consumers and contractors. So, to make up for all of the hassles, Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling has decided to graciously offer a variety of in-house discounts throughout 2021. For many homeowners, that means significant savings.

So, what exactly does the company do? Well, for starters, they can totally revamp kitchen spaces and turn them into something completely unique. From brand new cabinets to various flooring options, the choices are unlimited. Plus, with the discounts being offered, having full-scale kitchen remodeling in Kansas City has never been more affordable.

Kitchen renovations aren't all that's offered by the company as they dabble in basement and bathroom remodels, too. Clients that have wanted a jacuzzi tub or a shower with all sorts of spa features can look at the showroom and vast selection from Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling.

"We've transformed many bathrooms into luxurious and modern places of rest and relaxation. It's like creating a spa in someone's home. One time we completely remodeled a bathroom from the 1970s; it even had wall-to-wall shag carpet! You couldn't even tell that it once looked like it was straight out of an old television show when we were through.", said CEO and company owner Dustin Miller.

In terms of basements, the company can provide exclusive services. The contractors from Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling turn unfinished basements into spare rooms, family rooms, kitchens, gyms, and more. They are known for working closely alongside their customers to ensure no small detail in the final design gets overlooked.

After visiting the showroom, it's apparent that the home improvement company has plenty of unique and custom features in stock. All products and materials come from American vendors who offer exclusive manufacturer warranties. As a result, customers never have to worry about products breaking or prematurely deteriorating.

Consumers can visit the company's showroom on an appointment basis and view tubs, showers, sinks, flooring, and more. Sometimes, seeing the models up close and personal and being able to touch them gives a consumer a better idea of how the fixture will look in their home.

The business offers three tiers of pricing to make kitchen remodel services affordable for everyone. For example, tier one, also known as the "Budget Friendly Plan," includes basic pre-fab choices, while tier three includes a completely custom kitchen renovation.

Dustin Miller, CEO, said, "We like to keep prices low and reasonable for our customers. That's why we offer the tier system. At level one, a homeowner can still get an incredible kitchen or bathroom renovation without breaking their budget. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality home remodeling services."

A few months ago, Dustin and his design team offered their services to a family in need who had a kitchen fire. Unfortunately, the interior of the kitchen was utterly destroyed, and the family didn't have the funds to make the appropriate renovations as their homeowner's insurance claimed the fire didn't occur under their stipulations.

The contractors and design team put together blueprints that would eventually change the family's life. They removed all destroyed materials and installed brand new cupboards, flooring, and even donated a new refrigerator for the family.

When Tom W., a contractor for Kansas City Kitch Remodeling, was asked about the generous gift, he simply said, "That's the heart of this company and why I work here."

In addition to offering low prices, flexible financing options are also available for those who can't afford an upfront payment. Instead, financing allows them to pay on a monthly basis, often with the first payments benign deferred for a few months. It's a feasible way to get the kitchen or bathroom remodeled without overextending budgets.

All fixtures and features can be made to order, or pre-fabricated models can be used.

There's something unique about sitting down with a design specialist and letting them know exactly what's desired, and then they bring those ideas to life. The cost of the consultation is zero dollars. It's just another way that Mr. Miller and his team give back to their community. Interested homeowners can schedule a no-obligation appointment by calling (816) 307-2007.

About Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling
Owned and operated by Dustin Miller, Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling is a locally-based kitchen remodeling company in Kansas City, MO that has been in business since 2009. The company and its contractors are all licensed and insured under MO state regulations. Making kitchens, basements, and bathrooms look modern and updated is the primary focus of the company, which is why each contractor is fully vetted and carefully trained. To learn more about the company and to book an appointment, please visit them at https://kansascitykitchenremodeling.com/. Appointments can be booked via online form, email, or by phone for convenience.