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Karaoke Industry Leaders Hold Nashville Summit June 20

Thursday, 20 June, Nashville Downtown Hilton


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2013 --DigiTrax Entertainment, the creators of the Karaoke Cloud, will host its 2nd annual Karaoke Summit this Thursday in Nashville. Karaoke industry leaders will join to discuss the state of the industry as it navigates through the digital marketplace.

DigiTrax CEO, Joe Vangieri will kick off the event with a presentation on solutions to critical issues facing the karaoke industry. Vangieri, a serial entrepreneur in the industry, spearheaded the development of the world’s first professional karaoke software as CEO of VisioSonic in 1999. He currently oversees the continuous development of the DigiTrax “Karaoke Cloud” streaming platform.

Master of Ceremonies Dr. Hugo Drax, Executive Director, American Disc Jockey Association will present additional speakers who will discuss:

Reform Sync Licensing Now - How Labels and Publishers Can Make More Money and Reduce Overhead by Natalie Madaj, Legal Fellow, National Music Publishers Association. The National Music Publishers’ Association is the largest U.S. music publishing trade association with over 3,000 members. Its mission is to protect, promote, and advance the interests of music’s creators. The goal of NMPA is to protect its members’ property rights on the legislative, litigation, and regulatory fronts.

Sync Licensing In the Global Economy - Contrasting Rights in the US and Abroad by Allen Jacobi, Allen Jacobi Law. Allen is a pioneering entertainment industry attorney who has successfully been able to combine music, motion picture and television into a single career.

Consumer Demands in the Karaoke Trenches - My Customers Don’t Care About Our Problems, They Just Want To Sing, by Hal Kinney, President of the Knoxville Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association. Hal owns and operates Good Sounds Karaoke and hosts the Karaoke USA Forum.

Piracy Interdiction Efforts in the USA - Updates on Current Litigation and Strategy, by Roby Robinson Registered U.S. Patent Attorney, Luedeka Neely Group, P.C. representing "Piracy recovery" and Kurt Slep, CEO of Slep-Tone Entertainment.

Adopting Metadata Standards for Karaoke Tracks - Helping Publishers and Labels Get Paid Faster by Toni Roberts, Senior Licensing and Production Coordinator, DigiTrax Entertainment.

Open-Source/Crowd-Source The Karaoke Database - A Modest Proposal by Allen Jacobi, Allen Jacobi Law. How this will increase profits and aid in piracy efforts.

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DigiTrax is a global company dedicated to bringing high-quality, interactive, music services to market. DigiTrax’s main offerings include Karaoke Cloud, a consumer subscription karaoke platform, and its professional version, Karaoke Cloud Pro, for karaoke show hosts.