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Karib Life Insulated Water Bottle Continues to Get Great Reviews on Amazon

The Stainless Water Bottle Looking to make Changes in the Industry.


Canton, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --The Karib Life Insulated Water Bottle took the world by storm when it first arrived on the scene and gave customers a taste of a better water bottle. But it turns out that the success of this bottle was not just hype, as the product continues to attract absolutely stellar reviews on Amazon.

This is a water bottle that has really got people talking and it's absolutely demanding attention within the industry.

The Karib Life Insulated Water Bottle functions as a regular water bottle and will hold its contents whether that be cold water or a warm tea. You can run with it and shake it around and not have to worry about leaks or the lid coming off.

But that's not what has really gotten people excited. Rather, the draw of the Karib Life Stainless Steel Water Bottle is its stunning insulation that allows it to remain unaffected by the surroundings. No matter how hot or cold it gets outside, your bottle will remain the exact same temperature!

This is a feat of engineering and technology no doubt. While many thermos flasks claim that they are able to keep a cup of coffee warm, the reality is that they quickly lose their temperature to the surroundings. Likewise, every runner knows how disheartening it is to stop for a refresher and find their water is body temperature!

The Karib Life Water Bottle achieves the seeming impossible thanks to its stainless steel construction, double wall and vacuum seal.

And reviewers are clearly noticing the difference! With 37 reviews, the bottle currently has an average of 4.8 stars – which is unheard of on Amazon!

And customers aren't only impressed with the function of the bottle either: they're also keen to point out the 'chic' textured exterior and the added value carrier bag. The company even includes three different tops to match your style and preferred method of drinking.

One reviewer said:

"This set is pure quality. The bottle it's self is made from SS and vacuum sealed for amazing temperature control. Then there is an awesome insulate carrying bag made from a neoprene material to also help with the insulation and makes it super easy to carry."

This is undoubtedly a water bottle that is making a splash right now. The question then is whether this offers us a glimpse into the future of this industry. Will other manufacturers follow suit?

Amazon shoppers can purchase the Karib Life Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw on Amazon. The product retails for $28.97, but for a limited time customers can save an additional 20 percent by entering code NZ5VT837 at checkout. All purchases are backed by Caribs One Company's 100-percent money back guarantee, which promises a full refund if dissatisfied.