Karoo Red Tea

Karoo Sees Red as Essential to Iced Tea Refreshment

Rooibus and Real Fruit Transforming the Ready-To-Drink Tea Landscape


Norwalk, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2013 --Today the Karoo Red Tea company is proud to announce the launch of Karoo Red Tea, a refreshingly vibrant Iced Tea high in antioxidants, low in calories, naturally caffeine free, and rich in Vitamin C. As a drink choice for the new millennium, Karoo Red Tea strikes the perfect balance of health, flavor and refreshment.

What makes Karoo Red Tea distinct from many other ready to drink teas on the market is an essential ingredient called Rooibos (pronounced Roy Bos) and commonly known as Red Tea, a delicious full flavored tea grown in South Africa that has been consumed for generations.

Through in depth research on the ready to drink category Karoo Red Tea Founder and President Tom Bonaventura was astounded by the amount of calories many of his personal favorite beverages contained. In evaluating diet drinks, the artificial sweeteners and chemicals created a deeper concern. Others in the category that professed a “healthy” low-sugar option were equally disappointing for their lack of flavor. As a consequence, Tom’s resolution was to create his own beverage company that could deliver a product that produces taste without compromise.

“I know consumers will love the quality of our original Karoo Red Tea and our blended flavor options as well. Our flavored blends use real fruit with just a touch of organic cane sugar. People will be amazed just how good all natural and nothing artificial can really taste,” says Bonaventura.

“At Pronto Pizza we advocate freshness in everything we do,” says Pronto Chop Shop and Pizzeria Owner Glenn Grella. “By offering Karoo Red Tea to our customers, we know they are receiving the ultimate in fresh taste and nutrition within the Iced Tea category.”

Karoo Red Tea flavors include the 80 calorie Original and 90 calorie flavors which consist of Peach-Mango, Raspberry and Plum. The teas come in a tall 14 ounce bottle with soft rounded shoulders and a black cap. Each flavor is labeled in a very distinct color pattern inspired by its South African roots with the fabled South African spirit Cagn profiled as Rooibus’s first cultivator.

Karoo Red Tea is now available in select health and convenience stores throughout Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Karoo Red Tea is also a proud supporter of the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. You can catch where each of our participating stores are located online via www.karooredtea.com or like us on Facebook.

About Karoo Red Tea
Founded by Tom Bonaventura, the Karoo Red Tea Company is focused on healthy, all natural, indulgent tasting offerings that EXCITE CONSUMERS. Mr. Bonaventura is a Fordham University MBA and University of Maine business major with 15 years of marketing and sales experience within the consumer products industry.