Kasamba Sets Best Psychic Match Standard with 3 Free Minutes Unlimited

Kasamba Inc, (http://www.kasamba.com), based in NYC , a leading provider of online psychic services, sets a Best Psychic Match Guarantee standard with 3 Free Minutes Unlimited – a feature that allows all users to have free 3 minute sessions with as many new psychics as they need, with no limit, until they find the best matching psychic.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2015 --3 Free Minutes Unlimited empowers users to find the Best Psychic Match by making informed decisions based on experience. All users, new and existing, get 3 Free Minutes every time they start a chat session with a new psychic. During this time, they can ask psychic questions about any area of their lives. From career questions to love life issues, users get to consult psychics free. If they are satisfied with the psychic, the advice given and the chemistry, they can continue on for a paid, complete session. 3 Free Minutes Unlimited allows users to get to know their psychic, the way the psychic interacts with them, and confirm that the connection is what they're looking for.

Kasamba's Best Psychic Match Guarantee reinforces the company's long-standing commitment to creating meaningful connections between psychics and users. With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, users receive what they expect: advice from a caring advisor they can count on. The transparent user ratings and review system gives users valuable information and helps them choose an advisor that's best for them. With 3 Free Minutes Unlimited, Kasamba has now taken its commitment further.

"We don't just bring psychics and users together in one platform. We provide users with all necessary means to make personal, insightful and profound connections every time they log in. Whether it's a Tarot reader, a dream interpreter or a medium that they are looking for, we want users to be able to find the right one, the best one, for their needs," says Michael Perez, who heads Kasamba. "Best Psychic Match Guarantee allows our users to get the right guidance with trust and reach their personal goals every time."

About Kasamba.com
All live psychic chat, including Free 3 Minutes, is private, confidential and anonymous. Kasamba.com guarantees a safe environment for users and psychics at all times. Users need to log in to benefit from Kasamba's Best Psychic Match guarantee, and can have as many free 3-minute sessions as they feel they need, at any given time.