Kasbah Grill BBQ

Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant Now Offers Easy and Convenient Catering Service


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/24/2018 --The Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant's name says it all, but it actually offers more than this. The restaurant has become synonymous with great dining in New York City, and its reputation has spread far and wide. And today, Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant offers more with its convenient catering service.

The New York dining scene is one of the most exciting in the country, with a plethora of dining establishments in the city, new and old. Some of the most interesting eating can be found in New York's upper west side as well, especially at Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant. The restaurant has become renowned with plenty of New York residents through its many years of existence, not just because of the kind and quality of food it provides, but also because of its fun and casual dining atmosphere.

Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant offers a great dining experience with its unique and delicious specialties, but it goes a bit further by providing great customer service and a relaxed dining environment as well. Kasbah BBQ & Grill confidently attests, "Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will see to your every need, guaranteeing a relaxing, enjoyable and simply stunning dining experience. Our menu offerings run from dishes including the classic deli pastrami sandwich, homemade hummus served with crisp pita bread, fresh tropical sushi rolls, to a sizzling King Moshiach steak…"

But now, Kasbah BBQ & Grill has gone a step further with its catering service designed to fulfill customers' precise needs. With Kasbah Prime Catering, customers can enjoy the diverse specialties offered by Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant right in the comfort of their homes or other locations. Kasbah BBQ & Grill says more about its catering service: "With over 20 years of experience, we're the perfect catering company to help you transform your next event into a truly exceptional moment – whether social, work-related, religious, or personal. Our friendly staff and talented event planners will help you create the best corporate or private event that you and your guests will remember for years after!"

Customers can easily find out more about Kasbah BBQ & Grill's catering service by filling out an online form with their name, email address, phone number, total budget per person (which is optional), and the number of people who will be served.

About Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant
Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant has become a veritable institution on the upper west side of New York with its delightful specialties which include steaks, sushi, special rolls, salads, ribs, chicken platters, and more. For those looking for Upper west side restaurants offering an authentic dining experience with the best Middle Eastern, Asian, and continental specialties, visit Kasbah BBQ & Grill and Kosher Restaurant.