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KCBC Announces a Recent Partnering with Kansas City Bier Company to Provide Two Local Favorites at a Discounted/Bundled Rate


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2020 --KCBeefCo.com, a trusted and reliable source for the best in Kansas City farm to table premium grade beef products announces a new partnership with Kansas City Bier Company. This is in order to provide customers with two local favorites at a discounted/bundled rate. In addition, the company has now made available to its valued customers coupons and flyers describing this great new promotion in more detail. KC Beef Co will also utilize its food truck to help support KC Bier Company's local event efforts. Matt Briegel was recently quoted as saying that "he is very excited about this partnership and is looking forward to future collaborations." Matt went on to say that "this is truly an important value-added service for our customers."

KCBeefCo.com is perhaps best known for its unique direct selling model that ensures premium quality beef through proper care and maintenance of cattle. All animals are treated humanely unlike what is found in large industrial packing plants. Those who enjoy flavorful beef that is not over-processed and that has not been through multiple freeze and thaw cycles turn to this local leader in Missouri pasture raised beef that is grain fed and meticulously cared for. Known as some of the best premium farm to table beef found anywhere, Kansas City Beef Company is a trusted name that has now partnered with another outstanding company to provide customers with more choices in quality food and drink. The coupons and flyers that these companies are making available offer valuable package deals that should not be missed.

About KCBeefCo.com
KCBeefCo.com is a trusted and respected provider of a variety of locally raised Missouri pasture beef products. The company specializes in cattle that are maintained in close-up pens on a carefully controlled farm. KCBC raises calves that are grain fed and pasture raised. This results in premium quality delicious beef products. With an advanced traceability program, each calve is closely tracked and monitored from birth to butcher. The company sells direct online, offering a full variety of beef products that are the result of humanely treated animals. As a local farm to table beef producer, KCBC guarantees top-quality beef that is beyond compare.

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