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KCBC Announces an Animal Husbandry Program That Focuses on High Standards and Core Values


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2020 --KCBeefCo.com, a trusted and reliable source for the best in Kansas City farm to table premium grade beef products announces an animal husbandry program that focuses on high standards and core values. While other beef companies take advantage of mass processing with little attention to detail, the Kansas City Beef Company is an online beef producer that owns all its own beef cows. This results in a far superior product that especially focuses on animal husbandry. All this with a focus on the latest sustainable and healthy techniques and procedures in use today. Owner Matt Briegel recently stated that "all our Missouri pasture raised cattle are closely cared for ensuring healthy and high-quality beef products for our customers."

KCBeefCo.com takes the guesswork out of sourcing premium Kansas City steaks and beef products. The company also incorporates a specialized traceability program for beef that allows the tracking of each individual calf from birth to butcher. In addition, the company sells direct online to local markets as opposed to purchasing from packing plants where beef is highly processed and often goes through multiple freeze and thaw cycles. KCBC offers backgrounded and grain fed cattle raised on Missouri pastures, where attention to detail and close animal care are always the standard. This recent announcement with regard to an animal husbandry program that focuses on high standards and core values is just one more indication that Kansas City Beef Company is dedicated to excellence in locally raised and managed beef products.

KCBeefCo.com is a trusted and respected provider of a variety of locally raised Missouri pasture Kansas City Beef products. The company specializes in cattle that are maintained in close-up pens on a carefully controlled farm. KCBC raises calves that are grain fed and pasture raised. This results in premium quality delicious beef products. With an advanced traceability program, each calve is closely tracked and monitored from birth to butcher. The company sells direct online, offering a full variety of beef products that are the result of humanely treated animals. As a local farm to table beef producer, KCBC guarantees top-quality beef that is beyond compare.

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