Mountain Plaza Assisted Living & Memory Care

Keep Your Independence in an Assisted Living Community

At Mountain Plaza Assisted Living, residents can maintain as much independence as they desire while receiving the appropriate level of medical care to meet their evolving needs.


Casper, WY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2023 --Confident seniors have a lower risk of cognitive decline, better mental health, and a longer life span. However, our independence can be threatened by inevitable alterations to our health, mobility, and cognition. Assisted living communities help seniors keep their independence by providing resident-directed care in a setting that reduces isolation and maximizes personal freedom while still providing necessary assistance, allowing them to enjoy a fulfilling retirement.

Staying in your own home as you get older could give you a sense of independence and control. Some older people are able to handle all of their daily needs on their own, but many others require some form of assistance in order to remain in their own homes. It's common for older people to become reliant on their children and other family members, which can put a strain on those individuals' schedules. A band-aid solution, at best, hiring a home health care provider is an option. As the need for health care rises, the cost of providing it to patients at home may become costly.

Mountain Plaza Assisted Living in Casper, WY enables residents to live as independently as desired while receiving the necessary assistance. You may only require a small amount of assistance at the moment, but as your needs grow, you will have continuous access to a higher level of assistance. You and your loved ones can rest assured that a compassionate support team is available to address your changing medical needs. To learn more or to schedule a tour of Mountain Plaza's community, call 307-232-0100.

About Mountain Plaza Assisted Living & Memory Care
Located in Casper, WY, Mountain Plaza offers engaging events and personal care based on the lifestyle and needs of their residents. Their dedicated staff promote a lifestyle of health, well-being and endless fun.