The Habittack

Keep Your Resolutions and Stick to Your Goals with the Habbitack

We get it. It’s tough sticking to your goals. Life just gets in the way. So how do you make your goals a priority?


Redondo Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2015 --For the majority of people, making goals and starting work toward achieving them is the easiest part. It is the commitment and dedication required to continue, day after day, where most people encounter difficulty. It is thought that making a new habit can take anywhere from 21 to 60 days, and goals are often abandoned before the benefits and satisfaction of success are realized. Habbitack is a new App for smartphones which offers the user an opportunity to form their habits by competing with their biggest motivators, their peers!

Recently Habbitack launched a Kickstarter campaign:

According to Forbes magazine only 8 percent of people who set New Year's Resolutions actually fulfil them. This is thought to be due to a lack of consistent motivating factors that stimulate the goal-setter along their habit creating journey. Habbitack recognised this need for more motivational factors, and created the App to make people accountable to their friends and peers in friendly competitive manner. With constant monitoring and other competitors, the app encourages steady progression toward goals and eventually, turns your new tasks into habitual activities and ensuring that the intended result is achieved!

The concept of Habbitack was born due to personal experiences among the creation team which left them feeling disappointed when they struggled to form their own healthy habits. Existing apps that send emails and notifications are often unsuccessful in generating an actual positive action. The Habbitack app is not only easy to use but allows personalized pictures and messages to be sent to all competitors instead of dull emails and notifications. The app allows the user to personalize their goals and connect with their friends, who also become their motivators and competitors.

The Habbitack campaign is to raise enough money to employ an experienced programming consultant to refine and complete the app ready for release. The Habbitack creators, while inexperienced, have the ambition and drive to see the project successfully completed. They have provided a release timeline and are prepared for the risks and challenges that may arise.

Kickstarter backers of Habbitack can receive some wonderful perks as thanks for their support. There are contribution options for all levels of affordability, and the appreciation from the creators is heartfelt.

Make yourself accountable!
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