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Keeping Cool for the Summer: Fire Prevention


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2018 --Temperatures in the area are starting to rise which can only mean one thing: summer is on its way. It's time to remember that as the temperatures rise objects outside dry out and are more prone to catching on fire. It should be noted that fires can take as little as 30 seconds to get out of control. Below are some ways to prevent fires during the summer, both indoors and outdoors.

Ways to Prevent Fires Indoors:

- Replace the filters in your Air Conditioning unit regularly. If an AC unit is installed into the window, plug it directly into an outlet. Do not use extension cords when it comes to window units.

- Keep the stove and surrounding areas free and clean from grease build up. This area deals with flames and heat already and grease can be a trigger for fire. To prevent a fire from spreading from under the pots and pans be sure keep the surrounding areas clean of grease and other flammable objects.

- Attics and Basements are often where rodents and insects take refuge during the winter months. Come spring homeowners should inspect these areas for damaged wiring. Damaged wiring can cause fires.

- Flickering lights, blown fuses, and powers urges can be signs of electrical issues and can cause fires. If the lights flicker, or there are frequent powers surges, call an electrician in to check the electrical service panel.

Ways to Prevent Fires Outdoors:

- Summer is the time when grills come out of storage and are used regularly. However, be sure that the grill is at least 10 feet from the house and not under any trees, plants, or overhangs.

- If using a coal fired grill, be sure to drench the hot coals with water to make sure the fire is out.

- The same can be said for outdoor firepits. Be sure that they are an adequate distance from the home and are not under any trees, plants, or over hangs. Do not leave the fire unattended and be sure to pour water on the ashes when finished.

- Sometimes towns will put "burn bans" in place. During this time nothing should be burned outside (including leaves, trash, wood, or brush).

- If there is not a burn ban in place, then make sure water is readily available to put out any fires.

- All flammable liquids like gasoline, poisons, etc. should be stored safely outdoors, preferably in a shed or building not connected to the house.

- If a car is parked in grass or near grass, it should be noted that car exhaust can ignite a fire if the grass is dry. Try to park in an area away from grass to avoid this situation.

- Smokers should smoke outside. There should be a container filled with sand to place cigarette butts in. Smokers should also make sure that the cigarette butt is completely extinguished before walking away.

-If using fireworks be sure to light them off in a clear open area away from house, trees, plants, or things than can catch on fire. Be sure to point the firework in the right direction.

There are some things that are considered "best practices" that you can do in the event of a fire. These would include the following:

- Develop a Family Action Plan and/or Fire Escape Plan. These are plans on how to get out of the house and where to meet in the event of a disaster, they include any emergency contacts like family and doctors. These escape plans should be practiced every couple of months.

- Houses should have smoke detectors throughout. In order to keep families safe, homeowners should check them once a month and replace the batteries once a year. Carbon monoxide detector should also be checked once in a while.

While most of the above actions can be completed throughout the year it is important to check them once the temperatures start to get warmer and things dry out. To keep families cool for the summer remember to check for damaged wiring, keep the grill at least 10 feet from the house, check smoke detectors, don't use extension cords with window AC units, make sure all outdoor fires are extinguished when done, park away from grassy areas, and keep flammable liquids securely in shed not attached to the house.

Homeowners that sustained fire or smoke damage and live in Lehigh County, which includes: Allentown, Rising Sun, Fullerton, Germansville, New Tripoli, and Schnecksville, should call 911 first then call First Choice Restoration at 800-370-0770.

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