Keezel-Enabled Secure and Private Internet Connectivity Now Here


Newport Beach, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2017 --For the most secure, private and convenient WiFi connectivity, consumers can now invest in a Keezel. The company has started making inroads into the private internet industry, and has already won start-up of the year award. This long-awaited portable security device, following the manufacturer's estimated time of arrival, is now in the United States. Keezel is unlike any other online security solution. It is the definition and quintessence of online freedom.

This device is a portable, smart firewall that ensures protection on WiFi networks including any unfamiliar or unsecured WiFi. Its technology is ground-breaking. It is the very first device and service to provide superior quality internet security and privacy, wherever, whenever and on whatever device. At the tap of a button, the device allows reliable, high-speed, secure browsing for all. Users enjoy the protection of their online activities and identities and control their internet usage.

The features and specifications of this innovative router make it user-friendly, flexible, portable and reliable. It requires no software installation. It operates wirelessly and can protect several devices simultaneously through WiFi connectivity. In addition, it is compatible with any WiFi-enabled electronic device including phones, laptops, tablets, XBOX, Chromecast, and Sonos, among others. Its 8000 mAh battery lasts for hours, making it very powerful.

One can use the electronic device as a power bank to charge other devices. It creates a secure hotspot by encrypting everything sent over the WiFi network, thus protecting confidentiality. From whatever location, one can access unavailable or unreachable content including movies, TV shows, blocked websites, social media content, sports games among other content from all over the world. Also available is the very convenient Keezel to Keezel connection. This feature enables connection from a Keezel in one location to another Keezel, across the planet.

It doesn't take too much convincing to see that a Keezel is a worthy buy. During this month, the company has been fulfilling preorders and it is already receiving positive reviews. Here in the US, Keezel, Inc., the daughter company of Keezel Netherlands is the exclusive, licensed provider of Keezel products to the Americas including Mexico, Canada and the US. Go ahead and order one today.

According to the CEO and co-founder of the company, Aike Muller, the device pushes towards ultimately providing access to the safe, open and free internet for everyone. In today's information age, convenience and security when accessing the internet are crucial due to the continued threats and attacks on data and privacy. Hacking, ransomware, malware, snoopers and denied access are among some of the common problems that Keezel aims to protect against. One cannot underscore the significance and value of proper internet connectivity.

The idea of online freedom where everyone enjoys free, open internet while not having to worry about privacy breaches and security issues is something that Keezel actualizes. It is the company's core objective. The company promises the best high-definition, high-speed streaming with freedom of anonymity and security like none other. The company boasts of being the largest, most resilient VPN network provider. By partnering with other providers, and with over 1250 servers in more than 160 countries, it offers its users robust, dependable services.