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Keep off Osteoporosis Through Vibration Training

Regular vibration training helps to enhance the bone density and alleviates the pain in the leg.


Istanbul, TR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2012 --Osteoporosis is a common condition which usually affects bone and makes it weak and brittle. Majority of the women are affected by this condition and it makes bones weak and brittle. Even a mild stress like coughing or bending causes the fracture of the bones. Past menopause women are easily affected by osteoporosis, however there are various ways to avoid osteoporosis. People with higher bone density are not easily affected by osteoporosis.

Spokesperson for truevibe comments that, “White and Asian women get easily affected by osteoporosis, even though there are various medications to cure osteoporosis they cause unwanted side effects in course of time. If osteoporosis is not treated at the right time it could cause various complications and affects the quality of life. Vibration training is the best method for kemik erimesi tedavisi and it can cure the disease without causing any unwanted side effects to the body. It is the latest treatment to strengthen the bones and increase its density. Hormones also play a vital role in reducing the density of the bones, electrical signals send to the brain make them less active and causes the bone to deteriorate slowly. But vibration training changes the way the signals are sent to the brain and also vibrates the bone and increases its density.”

He also added that, “Growth hormones like testosterone gets increased during vibration training and it help to increase the level of calcium in the body. During vibration training more than 20 to 30 thousand electric signals are sent to brain which makes the bones stronger. It also helps to build a stronger skeleton and also avoids fracture of bones. Latest vibration system is completely safe and it does not cause any unwanted side effects. It also helps to lower the level of fat deposited in the body and prevents cardiovascular diseases.”

Aged people who are affected by osteoporosis can undergo vibration treatment which can prevent fracture. It also increases the density of bone and makes one to perform any task without difficulty.

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