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Kestrel Aircraft Opens Social Media Aviation Site

Kestrel Aircraft, wants to treat the entire aviation community to a "Morning Cup".


Superior, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2014 --Kestrel Aircraft, wants to treat the entire aviation community to a "Morning Cup". Kestrel Aircraft, the leader in single-engine turboprop innovation, announced today their new strategy in customer communications. "Kestrel wants to change the way consumers interact in the aviation market" said Chief technologist, Rj Siegel. "Social media is changing the very foundations of corporate structure. The aggregate voices of Facebook, Twitter, etc. reward consumers with vast collective power. When thousands of your customers talk to each other about the relative merits or dysfunctions of your product, you had better listen. Your competitors certainly will."

"Kestrel's intention", said Todd Lohenry, Kestrel's manager of digital and social media, "Is to create an aviation communication hub fueled by Social Media channels. We already have an internet landing site we call "Morning Cup", where we draw current aviation news from a broad mix of media sources. From that page you can engage with your favorite social media tool on the news you've just read. It's the digital equivalent of the "Aviation Club House".

"The general aviation culture is unique" added Lohenry. "It has a rich tradition of social interaction. At an event like EAA AirVenture™, you can chat with a CEO at one booth and an aviation legend at another. Yet not everyone can attend AirVenture. Social media, has the ability to extend that connection virtually to anyone anywhere in the world and that’s how we intend to use it. So ‘friend us’, ‘follow us’, ‘circle us’, subscribe to us – quite frankly we don’t care how you connect with the club house, just as long as you do!"

On opening day of EAA AirVenture, Kestrel will be delivering content via our website as well as our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, LinkedIn Page and Twitter feed. In addition, we’ll be delivering visual content through Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Hangouts. All of our content, as well as content from the mainstream aviation media and other expert sources will all be collected and available as a ‘morning cup’ of aviation news that can be displayed on any device from a desktop computer to a smartphone. Or, if you prefer the same content will be available via the Kestrel app which is downloadable via iTunes or the Google Play stores.

About Kestrel Aircraft
Kestrel Aircraft is a company led by general aviation entrepreneur and visionary, Alan Klapmeier. Based on the original work done by Farnborough Aircraft, the Kestrel airplane will be a six to eight-seat, all composite, single-engine turboprop, powered by the efficient Honeywell engine, TPE331-GR14- boasting a broad performance envelope, and using advanced manufacturing technologies. Headquartered in Superior, WI, with a facility in Brunswick, ME, Kestrel's engineers and support staff, focus on aircraft design, certification and manufacturing process. For additional information about Kestrel please contact: Kate Dougherty, 218-428-1352