Business Professionals Across America Suffering from Depression Can Be Treated with Restore Ketamine Infusion: Effective Treatment for Burnout and Depression

Ketamine introduced as an effective treatment for depressed business professionals in high-level corporate positions.


Pensacola, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2017 --The World Health Organization reports that 17.5 million people, or 6.3% of the population of the United States are suffering from some form of depression, which makes the U.S. one of the most depressed countries across the globe. New reports reveal that American businessmen are among the high number of sufferers who are either unaware of their condition or actively try to hide their symptoms. The Ketamine Institute, who have opened the first Ketamine Infusion Centre in Pensacola, Florida are aiming to help businessmen in the U.S. to better cope with their demanding professions.

Restore Ketamine Infusion is a new treatment that offers relief from the symptoms of depression and burnout in only minutes to hours. In contrast to more traditional treatments such as antidepressants that take weeks to take effect, it's no surprise that this breakthrough has become the most talked about treatment in the scientific community.

As business professionals are pushing themselves further beyond their limits, the prevalence of anxiety-related conditions such as burnout and depression is set to increase. Statistics show that males in high-level corporate positions are more likely to ignore or hide their symptoms out of fear of appearing inadequate in their roles. Thankfully, Restore Ketamine Infusion can help those suffering by providing a treatment that is three times faster to act with effects lasting three times longer than alternative treatments.

Those working in business-related professions have been visiting the Pensacola, Florida-based Ketamine Infusion Centre from all over the United States, and have already been experiencing the rapid relief provided by the breakthrough discovery. Restore Ketamine Infusion has been helping them to regain their focus and drive, often resulting in an incredible increase in productivity – both professionally and in their personal lives.

Due to the rapid, highly effective and long-lasting results offered by Restore Ketamine Infusion, The Ketamine Institute has witnessed a huge increase in referrals from patients who have already been successfully treated. To discover more about this revolutionary treatment for depression and how it can treat business professionals suffering from burnout, please visit

About The Ketamine Institute
The Ketamine Institute was founded by Dr. G. Grass, a board-certified anaesthesiologist and pain medicine specialist. Dr. Grass is a former Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine, where the use of ketamine to treat depression was first discovered. He has over 15 years of experience treating patients with ketamine. He has pioneered the new and innovative Restore Ketamine Infusion protocol to successfully and rapidly treat severe depression, anxiety and pain disorders.