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Kevens Introduces New Song for All People Entitled, "Sweet Lady Liberty"

New song is for the people - all people. No division, no politics, no agenda.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2020 --Kevens is a singer/songwriter with a focus on blending different styles, in order to create a very original sound with a personal approach. His music combines genres as diverse as rock, reggae and EDM.

"Sweet Lady Liberty" sees Kevens doing something he's never done before on any of his prior recordings, a ballad. This song was initially released in 2018, now he is reintroducing "Sweet Lady Liberty" in light of recent events where its meaning holds so much more power!

What stands out the most are the lyrics, focusing on the love felt for the "idea" of a country designed around the oft-repeated concepts of liberty, of equality, and a dream that each man woman and child can embrace and strive for.

The remix is tech house and the first thing that listeners notice is definitely the accomplished production value. This track feels powerful and multi-dimensional, with a well balanced low end, expertly bringing a lot of weight to the mix. In addition to that, the mid-range is warm, but never harsh, and the high range of the frequency spectrum has a very open and crisp sound, which gives the music a very polished feel.

"Sweet Lady Liberty", song and merchandise are available today.

Learn more about this artist via his website and social media links @kevens.

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