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Keys to the Capitals: A Game That Unlocks the Fun of Learning


Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --On March 18th 2016, Anthony J. Tinervia, Jr. launched a Kickstarter campaign for Keys to the Capitals, an entertaining and educational new board game designed to help students learn the U.S. state capitals, while providing educators with an engaging new learning tool.

Keys to the Capitals is a unique board game concept that "unlocks the fun" of learning as players navigate their playing pieces around the game board to collect "keys" using traditional dice, "special effect" dice, and game cards to learn and practice the state capitals in a race to the finish. During the 45-65 minute game time, the object is to collect the most key cards while dodging the perils that can arise when they roll the special effect dice, such as "bad weather," in which the player loses a turn.

Game creator Anthony J. Tinervia, Jr., a retiree from Chula Vista, California, comments, "Children will learn the state capitals while having fun. Seniors will have fun playing the game, too! The game is very straight forward and the instructions are very easy to follow, letting the whole family join in. This game may even help get children off their smart devices and back to having fun with their family." As a testament to the game's high enjoyment factor, Tinervia and his family have played the game more than 120 times already themselves.

Schools, learning centers and other educational institutions can also benefit from this unique game for in-classroom learning, study prep, and friendly competitions. Trivia and history buffs will undoubtedly gravitate toward the game as well.

Keys to the Capitals has been designed and headquartered locally in Nevada on high tech machinery that will deliver a high quality, low cost product. A main goal of the campaign is to keep the game's price under US $20, and of course, the more units ordered, the lower the base price will be. Manufacturing will begin once the campaign's goal is reached.

A new website,, will soon be launched in support of the game. Please check back often for updates.

The campaign's backers can earn low-cost or free copies of the game to keep for themselves or to use as gifts, while also earning appropriately named titles ranging from––naturally–– mayor up through president. VIP Keys to the Capitals backers will receive the first available copies of the game, approximately one month after manufacturing starts.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page or contact the creator below.

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The kickstarter campaign is for a new educational board game that has been designed to help students learn the U.S state capitals.