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Kickstarter Campaign Launched Offering Gadget Fans Motion Control Camera Camcorder Smart Glasses

The Smart Glasses have become one of the most talked about gadgets of 2016. The innovative smart glasses allow a person to record videos, take pictures and connect to their phone with smart defined gestures. The campaign has been launched to offer people the chance to be one of the first to own the smart glasses before they go to market and become more expensive.


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2016 --A new campaign has been launched on Kickstarter, offering a Mission Impossible style gadget that Tom Cruise character in the films would be proud to wear. The Motion Control Camera Camcorder Smart Glasses allow for the recording of videos, taking pictures, listening to music as well as taking phone calls. No need to stop filming when the battery becomes low, the device can be used for another eight hours through the rechargeable battery digital necklace.

The clever device allows the user to take pictures and videos in the first person. No need to pick up a cell phone or camera to get that special image, the user can use the smart glasses to take a distortion free image. The videos are filmed in HD, providing true quality that would look good on any YouTube channel. The glasses can also give the user access to their smartphone no matter where it is. They can use the gadget to listen to music on their phone through a Bluetooth connection, and they can also take calls, which is perfect when driving.

The campaign ( was launched to raise $5,000 and to offer backers the chance to get their hands on a pair of the motion controlled camera camcorder smart glasses before they go on the general market. But with more than 50 days to go, the target has nearly been reached. However, a spokesman for the campaign has said there is still time for people to donate and back the campaign and get their hands on one of the most talked about gadgets of this year.

The smart glasses are not just for fun; they have many practical applications as well. They can be used as a security product where security personnel can wear them and record their patrols. The smart glasses can also be used to film sports events and family events, as well as being used while driving where they can record an accident if it happens.

Features of Motion Control Camera Camcorder HD Bluetooth Smart Glasses

- Take a Picture: swipe from front to back.
- Shoot the video: swipe from back to front.
- Next song: swipe from top to bottom.
- Last song: swipe from bottom to top.
- Increase volume: make a circle clockwise around the sensor with hand. (Motioning the direction from front, bottom, and back to top.)
- Decrease volume: make a circle counterclockwise around the sensor with hand. (Motioning the direction from back, bottom, and front to top.)
- Receive a phone call: approach the sensor from far to near.

For more information on the Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses and the crowdfunding campaign, please visit:

About Motion Control Camera Camcorder Glasses
The campaign is for the Motion control camera camcorder glasses. The glasses can record videos, take pictures, and allow the user to listen to music and take phone calls.