Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Groundbreaking Physibo Keyboard Cases for iPhones


Palo Alto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2019 --Physibo is an innovative iPhone case, fitted with a physical Bluetooth controlled keyboard. This groundbreaking invention is far more durable and convenient than anything the industry has seen before. Their Kickstarter Campaign is the perfect opportunity for anyone tired of slow typing or constant typos.

This physical QWERTY keyboard harkens back to more classic styles, while still retaining all the benefits of a modern iPhone. A convenient case offers more durability and accuracy than any of its past counterparts, all the while looking sleek and stylish. Physibo comes with plenty of additional features, such as a backlight for typing at night, a comfortable thin case design, and a lock keyboard button to ensure users aren't accidentally sending messages when they put their phones in their pockets.

Physibo offers the user the ability to type at the doors of their thoughts, and is designed specifically to allow blind touch. The design problems of past models who attempted what Physibo is doing have been fully addressed in this accessible new tech. This ready to use design is ideal for iPhone lovers, people on the go with no time for spelling mistakes, and people who are just tired of their iPhone incorrectly correcting them.

This incredible device was designed by Japanese inventor Sumitaka Kanno. With over 40 years of experience in computing, in both manufacturing and design, Kanno's passion for technology led him to his role as CEO of multiple development vendors. He is a strong believer in using physical keyboards with smartphones but found that there was no reliable product on the market. In response, he created a keyboard that not only functions with ease but also protects phones when dropped.

With this Kickstarter campaign, the team behind Physibo hopes to crowdfund $200,000 by December 21, 2019. Although the design itself is already fully formed, their goal is to have a certain number of orders to send to their manufacturers, thereby supporting their initial rollout. There are multiple tiers for potential contributors to choose from. The smaller tiers are for contributions of $1 and $3, the latter of which results in a personalized thank you email. From that point on, the tiers all include one Physibo case as a reward for contributions ranging from $55 to $95, depending on how early the contribution is made.

Estimated delivery is February 2020, with shipping available anywhere in the world for those interested in being among the first to have this convenient, durable, industry-changing product.