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Kickstarter Campaign Needs Funds to Bring Antiquated Parent-Teacher Communication Into Real Time

New software application MailScholar brings parent-teacher communication into the digital age. With a Kickstarter goal of $30k, to be met in less than 30 days, crowdfunding support will introduce education software as a service.


Sedona, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2015 --With the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign MailScholar Inc. hopes to bring parents and teachers face to virtual face. If the crowdfunding goal of $30k is met, the MailScholar software application will make the 10 minute parent-teacher conference somewhat of a relic. Instead of being relegated to infrequent mini-meetings, the MailScholar platform and corresponding app will bring daily parent-teacher communications into real time. Providing a plethora of information on homework, school needs, student activities, achievements and weaknesses, the software completes the circle. Now paper notes, mailed letters and school bulletin board messages will be for nostalgia's sake alone. But with less than a month to achieve the $30k goal, the MailScholar platform needs cash to finish what is only 90% complete.

Roger Braun, CEO of MailScholar, Inc. said of the need for crowdfunding support, "MailScholar is quite nearly finished but we need more funds to complete the platform. Crowdfunding supporters can rest assured that their investment will help facilitate the educational process worldwide. We thank them in advance for any help they can provide."

Revolutionizing school communications by conveniently creating a hub for information, the platform will support a unique subscription model. Parents will subscribe to ongoing information from their child's teachers to receive real time progress updates. These updates can be as simple as getting a direct message from teachers about extra time needed on a specific homework assignment. They will also access automated parent-teacher conferencing, social media posting and principle oversight of each teachers activity via a free iOS or Android app. The platform will help schools join the digital age where emails, text messages and push notifications are the most efficient way for news to travel.

Exceptional for either public or private education, MailScholar also builds a supportive school community. Fund raisers are better facilitated, volunteerism is widely-recognized and school spirit is increased. Principles can send mass communications about school events, inclement weather warnings or reminders on State Testing preparation.

Meant to 'kickstart' communications in schools worldwide, a translation feature is also in development. Pending crowdfunding support, MailScholar will allow foreigners to communicate with teachers about things like how their child is acclimating to peers and academic work.

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About MailScholar, Inc
MailScholar, Inc. is the creator of a communication software application for schools that revolutionizes how teachers disseminate information to parents. The MailScholar software links parents to teachers in real time via a computer platform and free iOS and Android apps. The app sends parents emails, text messages and push notifications and offers automated parent-teacher conferences. Via a subscription model never before seen in the marketplace, parents have entry to each teachers activity as well as direct social media access.

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