Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign Launched for Healthywatch, a Lifestyle Watch to Help Make Daily Healthcare Easy


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2016 --GrekTek LLC, ( a health solutions provider, today announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign ( for the HealthyWatch, a new device to help patients manage their health by collecting vital signs, managing medications, providing active alerts and even taking and EKG from the watch while sharing these events with caregivers in real time. 

"One feature our patients love is medication management; it's so important for patients to take their meds on time and not skip or take double dosages," said Greg Eoyang, GrekTek, LLC President, "But often patients forget and caregivers don't know if the patient has already taken their medication or not.  HealthyWatch reminds the patient when to take their medication and tracks when they take it so that caregivers and patients know what to do. This is especially valuble when there are multiple caregivers for a single patient!" 

For many, getting older may mean increasingly looming, often scary, health issues. The GrekTek HealthyWatch solution, designed for patients to wear and use daily, helps them address their medical needs without having a imposing medical feel to it. 

The first 200 backers of the GrekTek's Kickstarter campaign can receive a beta of the HealthyWatch as a perk in time for the holidays, for their parents and loved ones living with chronic health needs.  The HealthyWatch beta program will generate critical feedback from patients and caregivers that will be incorporated into the production versions.

By packaging the solution into a friendly digital watch, the device looks both familiar and attractive. This watch is high-tech without being complicated, contains the latest sensors, including heart rate and EKGs and is connected to your care team through your mobile phone.

"HealthyWatch is designed to fit into patients' lives, helping patients address their chronic diseases while getting interactive support from their caregivers and doctors," said Tom Klaff, GrekTek CEO. "It is a lifestyle device that helps you live with dignity and community, not a humiliating medical device that brands you as old and sick."

Created by Greg Eoyang, Tom Klaff, Matthew O. Jones, MD, and G. Stuart Mendenhal,l MD, a combination of experienced caregivers, entrepreneurs and visionary cardiologists, HeathyWatch is a revolutionary solution to help provide sustainable care for loved ones.

About GrekTek LLC
GrekTek was founded in May of 2016 with the hyper focus of bringing HealthyWatch to market.

President of GrekTek, Greg Eoyang's life changed when his wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.  His frustration with the difficulties of providing essential care between and during doctors visits inspired him to focused on providing patient-centric, mobile health solutions for and designed by patients.  Greg Eoyang grew up in Indiana, attended Carngie-Mellon University for Computer Engineering.  He worked for DARPA from 1987-1992, at the dawn of the Internet.  A self-described Forrest Gump of technology, he worked at FEMA during Katrina, and at TSA during the launch of Secure Flight providing boarding passes for all US and international flights. 

Tom Klaff is a husband, father and entrepreneur who has firsthand experience in how challenging caregiving for loved ones can be while trying to take care of his family. A lifelong inventor, dreamer and entrepreneur, Tom enjoys building products and solutions that improve people's lives. HealthyWatch combines his love for technology, medicine and family into a passion product that will save lives and offer peace of mind to caregivers who face huge obstacles in their daily lives.  Tom is a graduate of Brown University and earned his MBA from the Tepper School of Business at Carngie-Mellon University.

HealthyWatch is not a medical device and should not be used for diagnosis or medical treatment.  HealthyWatch is not currently FDA certified and should only be used for informational purposes.  Any medical decisions or advice should be obtained by consulting your medical professional.