Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign for Towel Tac'r


Ewa Beach, HI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2016 --Long-standing developer of popular beach products, Kimberly Rosa, has a new innovation that is now successfully funded and set for production. The successful Hawaii designer launched a brilliant product called the Towel Tac'r which has been fully funded on Kickstarter.

The Towel Tac'r is the answer to those pesky flying towels that can't seem to stay put while on the beach with the slightest breeze. Ms. Rosa's Kickstarter solution puts an end to those beach blanket disasters such as spilled drinks, sand in your face, and lost sunglasses or keys due to flying towels.

Ms. Rosa said she got the idea for her new product while on a beach during a windy day, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. The beach entrepreneur added that she uses the prototypes herself all the time and just wants to make others' beach lives more enjoyable as well.

About The Towel Tac'r
Ms. Rosa's ingenious beach tool is simple yet exceptionally effective. The Towel Tac'r consists of "rare earth" magnets inserted into round handles that go on top of a special stake. These stakes are made to be pushed into the sand by twisting so that a towel, yoga mat, or blanket will keep put by a leveled magnetic cap. The caps won't cause any damage to towels or mats because they are made to be out of the way, so stepping on them is no big deal.

"When there's a gust of wind you might think of it, but you just forget it's there," one tester said, adding that they worked great and are super strong.

The stake features a tip shaped like a screw that rotates into the sand for a very stable foundation. A knobbed round top makes it easier to push it into the sand or to pull it up. The top is also flattened in order to keep it smooth and out of the way when positioned in place.

The Towel Tac'r will be sold as a set of four pegs and includes a simple instruction card along with a reusable carry bag. Additionally, Ms. Rosa will also allow for her new product to be used as a promotional item by giving logo printed versions for free exclusively on Kickstarter.

Ms. Rosa's Kickstarter Campaign can be found at

Additionally, to be one of the first to own a set of Towel Tac'rs, interested individuals can make a pledge on the website as well.

Kimberly Rosa
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