Kickstarter Launched for Orion Home Gym, First Portable High-Resistance Gym


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2017 --The creators of the visionary new home workout system, the Orion Home Gym®, have launched a campaign on popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in order to bring their powerfully efficient fitness product to market. Recognizing the challenges that most people face in getting to the gym and being able to meet personal fitness goals, the founders of Orion designed a workout system that is portable, affordable, and engineered to provide a complete workout at home.

Research shows that on average, gym members only make it to the gym about once a week, which means they are unable to find the time to actually get reasonable value from their membership fees, let alone commit to an exercise program. In practice, only about 8 percent of people ever reach their fitness goals.

The Orion Home Gym® provides a convenient, effective solution. Users can achieve a full-body workout at home, without having to waste time traveling back and forth between their workout location and home or work. The device makes it easy to do all the exercises gym-goers perform at a fully equipped strength training gym, without any risk of injury. With the Orion Home Gym®, users can do all of the following exercises and more:

-Bicep curl
-Tricep extension
-Lateral pull down
-Ab crunches
-Bench press
-Shoulder press

To use, the Orion Home gym can be installed either by attaching to hooks that are drilled into a doorway or it can be attached to a pull-up bar. While both are effective, the first method provides more resistance for more intense strength training.

This home gym system includes two pulleys, two vinyl coated cables, and a center break drum with axle. The cords rotate around the pulleys and turn the brake drum, which creates resistance. By pulling or pushing the handle, it is easy to govern the level of friction to get the perfect amount of resistance. The Orion Home Gym® is suitable for everyone from weight-lifting enthusiasts to those who want to lose weight and get in shape.

What is remarkable about this system is its size and convenience. Traditionally, home gyms are large, bulky, and difficult to use, which discourages exercise. With the Orion Home Gym®, users finally have an efficient, compact system that can be used to stay in shape, burn fat, and tone the body in the time that it takes to travel to and from the gym.

The Kickstarter campaign will help the creators fund the manufacturing costs to ensure a consistent, high-quality product. Backers can take advantage of excellent early-bird deals, including a limited number of Orion Home Gym® systems for 40% off the expected retail price.

To learn more about what the Orion Home Gym® can do or to contribute, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Orion Fitness Inc.
Orion Fitness Inc. is a Nashville-based, independent fitness company founded with the goal of creating highly efficient, portable exercise products for individuals who are committed to their health but need a more convenient, affordable alternative to expensive gym memberships and the traditionally cumbersome home gym systems available today. The Orion Home Gym® is a solution-oriented home gym system that suits all fitness levels.